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This is the ExplorOz General Newsletter, which reaches all our 85,000 subscribers as well as our 4,000 Members and 10,000 app users.


If you're new to ExplorOz, we encourage you to take a look around our website to find out more about what we offer. We have a 20 year history of providing information and resources to travellers via the ExplorOz website but with a focus on people whose travel destinations are not well documented in mainstream tourism publications. Start with the Home page.

Our mission has always been to support travellers via technology services that we design and produce. If you want to find out more, take a look at the About page and read the ExplorOz Story and our Company Profile.

Our website is accessed by 200,000 monthly visitors and there's 85,000 people with a registered ExplorOz user account so make sure you take a good look around and get involved in this active online community. You can also join our Facebook Group and Follow our Instagram account (links at bottom of newsletter).


The ExplorOz Traveller app is Australia's best PREMIUM mapping & navigation program and is fully Australian made. It is also ranked the No.1 Paid App in the "Maps & Navigation" category in the Top Charts in all 3 app stores - Playstore, App Store, & Microsoft Store.

If you're thinking of heading off this year on a family camping trip, major outback expedition, or simply looking for a better mapping solution for your hiking, trail running, or MTB cycling then you'll do no better than getting the latest version of ExplorOz Traveller. Let's face it, travelling is not a cheap proposition so make sure you don't miss out by not having the best mapping system. Many people comment in their reviews that they've used all the other mapping options and confirm that Traveller is by far the best. In V7, we've added over 20 new features. App now includes Folders, Notes, Offline Photos, Public Place Editing, and improved Nav Planning and tons of new video tutorials. We have worked closely with our existing app users and taken on board various suggestions and ideas to create this update and the feedback now is there's simply no better mapping and navigation app for Australia on the market. The total cost of the ExplorOz Traveller app with the complete offline EOTopo map set is just $110. That's a one-time total cost with no further subscriptions.

If you don't have the Traveller app and want to get it now - simply tap the App Store icon on the device you want to put it on (phone, tablet or Windows PC), go to Apps and lookup "ExplorOz Traveller". After installing the Traveller app the app will prompt you to buy the additional offline map licence (EOTopo 2021) so that you can download the whole of Australia high resolution topographic maps for offline use.

If you want to know more, just go to the Traveller webpage to read the FAQ, System Requirements, see Video Tutorials etc.


Do you already have the Traveller app but wish you could use it on a desktop PC or MAC without paying more?

The "web-app" looks and feels the same to the store-app but has tracking disabled so you cannot use it when moving and can only be used when online. There's no map download requirement either. Using the web-app is the same as using the store app with all your app data in folders, notes, treks, places and track logs synced automatically to your ExplorOz account for ease of keeping the app data on all your devices in sync (use Data Manager to update each device).

The web-app runs in your web-browser (compatible only with: Chrome, Edge, Opera) and is launched by going to your Account tab on the website, then clicking the Traveller Control Panel button. (This is a new location for access to the Web-App).

You will need to have a Member account to use the web-app. To upgrade your free user account to a Member account, simply select the Tracking/Membership purchase option in the Traveller app on your device. This will direct you to the purchase screen in the shop on our website where you will complete the upgrade of your user account. Purchasing Membership via this method also ensures you get a discount of $15 off the 12 month Membership price - so you'll only pay $34.95 to join as a Member.


Did you miss out on the 2022 ExplorOz Calendar? Do you want to get more? Our Calender still has another 10 months because it includes January 2023. Grab yourself a bargain at under $15 with this big price discount on our remaining stock - but get in quick before they're sold out.


We stock Spare Wheel Covers (from $63), Caps (from $25), $5 Windscreen Stickers, Polo Shirts (from $43), and Stubby Holders (under $10). Take a look in our shop.


Did you know we have a dedicated buy/sell page for your camping gear, vehicles and vans? Turn your used camping equiment into cash fast by advertising it in front of genuine buyers. Check it out - ExplorOz Classifieds


Story-telling is as Australian as it comes and in our ExplorOz Community, our Members have many stories to tell. If you're after a little inspiration, take a look at through the ExplorOz Members' Blogs and be inspired.

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