ExplorOz Newsletter - Issue 52

15th January, 2004. In this issue: classifieds Ads with Pics - $9.95, Tyres - Cold Hard Facts, Map Coverage - using iMapPlot and all the Latest Products Added to the Shop.
Dear ExplorOz Reader,

Welcome to 2004 - you've got a lot to look forward to this year!

Throughout the year, you'll be able to enjoy a fast-past increase in the range of Trek Notes including a new search facility for this massive list; browse a greater range of useful products in the Adventure Shop; benefit from the features of our new iMapPlot; benefit from sharing digital track data in PointPlace; enhance your knowledge and pick up practical tips in our increasing range of Articles; make contact with more equipment manufacturers, retailers and tour operators appearing in our Business Search Engine than ever before; and best of all continue to enjoy the most refined resource for assisting you to get the most out of anything you do with your 4WD.

Thanks to those that bought a raffle ticket in the Ultimate Camping and 4WD Package. We sold 221 tickets and raised $1,105. Just over $40,000 was raised for the Variety Club from this Raffle in total. Sorry no ExplorOz winners this time.
However, the ExplorOz Incentive Prizes go to:
D. Barton (Vic) for the most tickets in a single purchase &
J. Parker (Qld) who wins the lucky draw from all our entries
Please contact us to each claim your Hema 4WD Road Atlas (new spiral edition).

Trader Ads with pics just $9.95

The ExplorOz Trader has quickly become one of the leading places on the internet where you can sell and buy used Camping and 4WD related equipment. You have a choice of either a Free ad (text only) or a Display (creates a full page pop-up window with unlimited text description and photo) plus a new feature added today is that we showcase the photos of all Display Ads on the Trader Home Page for even greater exposure. With a growing list of items in the Trader numbering in the hundreds, sellers are better off using a Display ad because these are automatically listed at the top of each category list and for the mere price of just $9.95 to run the ad it will remain there until you sell it. What a sensational deal to reach ¼ million readers per month Australia-wide. Better still, if you are an ExplorOz Member your Member Rewards enable you to run 1 Display ad per year. [...more info on Membership]

Tyres - the cold hard facts

Written specifically for people who aren't sure what type of tyre is best for certain conditions, this article simply and clearly spells out the differences. As you will see, we also sell advertising in these pages so for more information on tyres simply go to our sponsors websites (banner link in top right hand corner of article) or contact them direct on their Business Search Engine listing that appears at the end of the article.
[Tip - currently 48 other articles can be read from within the Topic Search links in left site margin]

Map Coverage - using iMapPlot

In a previous newsletter (edition #50 in November), we introduced iMapPlot, a mapping software product developed by David. iMapPlot is a full Spatial GIS Internet mapping tool that has numerous applications, one of which is to show you the coverage of maps in our Adventure Shop. Keep an eye on each map in the Adventure Shop for the link to Map Coverage. You should find this to be of enormous benefit when selecting your travel maps. We have now completed about 50 maps of a total of 174. When all maps are done, we can introduce the next stage of the map finding tool where you can hover over an area on a map of Australia and see/link to all available maps for that area.

Adventure Shop Just Keeps Getting Bigger and Better

Come and browse our new-look shop, featuring a new Brand search option. Plus, we've replaced the entire entry point that used to be in the centre of the page and replaced it with Shop Finder in the right hand margin.

Latest Products Added to the Shop

Our price $97.02
Save $1.98
Accrue $4.85
Member Money

Auslig 250K Mosaic Mapsheet

NATMAP have released a second Raster CD mapping product called the Raster Mosaic. This CD contains all 1:250 000 scale NATMAP topographic maps covering Australia joined together into a single image. This is one seamless map which can be moved to show any part of Australia without loading a new map. Also included on the CD is a 1:1,000,000 map of Australia and a satellite image of Australia. Note - accurate distances cannot be measured from the map due to the method of creating the map projection and in OziExplorer it can be more difficult to find a location while manually dragging the map. It is also more difficult to select a precise location when using the MapView window. Yet, the product has its purpose in the market, and we proudly bring it to you in our Adventure Shop.


Our Packs are a customised collection of useful maps and books that people tend to buy together so that you can order just one item and get the lot for a discounted price. The Winter and Summer Packs are a quick way to browse groups of popular items by the season.

The Pack Range has now expanded to include:
Camping Guides Consists of 2 products - the All-states Camping Guide Book Pack (set of 7 Boiling Billy guidebooks) and the WA/NT Campsites Pack (set of 3 Priceless Campsites Books).
Winter Packs Contains the Explor Cape York Pack (set of 1 map, 1 travel guide book)
Inspirational Reading Contains a Photobook Gift Pack (set of 3 Pocket Guidebooks).

Our price $7.95
Accrue $0.39
Member Money

Kids Puzzle Map

Perfect for kids, this 96 piece colour puzzle on frame board features a map of Australia with each state clearly distinguished by a different colour. Capital cities and many town names are clearly readable so working out where the pieces go is a great way for the kids to have fun while they identify places they know. 

Our price $79.95
Accrue $3.99
Member Money

Mossie Speed Dome Tent

This new product is a self-supporting mosquito net that is quick and easy to erect and pack down. It is small and compact and therefore suitable for travellers and campers. The Qld-based designer/inventor of this product has taken out patents on the design throughout the world. There are a few inferior designed versions of this type of product, but none match the durability, quality and compact folded down size of this particular design. It is also adjustable for both single and double beds. Available either as pre-impregnated with permethrin or without all visitors to the tropics would do well to pack one of these in your kit - note packs down to a flat round shape a little smaller in diameter than most beach shade-shelters.

Registered User Mail List reaches Milestone

Today we happened to notice that our Registered number of Users has reached 10,023.

New Advertisers

On 22nd December all free listings from our site were upgraded on a one-month no obligation free trial of our fully enabled paid advertiser campaign in the Business Search Engine called the Priority + listing. This provides the advertiser with the ability to show their logo in the directory, have an increased number of characters in the text part of their advert (up to 1000 characters), secure a position in the list for their region/category combination and have their logo placed in the right hand margin of the Trek Notes and Region Overviews for the region into which they have listed. This logo of course creates a link direct to their website. So take a look around - there are tons of quality websites and some interesting products available from these retailers that you may not have seen before! On 22nd January, the free trial will expire for some advertisers, and they have been measuring the performance of the campaign on the stats measurements we provide to them (measured views of their listing in the BSE and hits and enquires made through their website). Please ensure that if you talk to one of our advertised businesses that you clarify where you got the referral from.

So - here's the list of 89 new businesses that are advertising on ExplorOz. 
Note - we also have a new Testimonials Page with some very interesting comments from major companies that have been advertising on ExplorOz. Read this page if you are contemplating advertising your business.

David, Michelle and  Juliana
The ExplorOz Team

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