ExplorOz Newsletter - Issue 71

9th November, 2004. In this issue: Membership Reaches New Record, Adventure Shop - Facelift, New Article - Satellite Technology, New Trek Note - Arkaroola 4WD Loop, ExplorOz Annual Trip to Tasmania.

Dear ExplorOz Reader,

With so much new content being added to the site lately, we just had to issue another newsletter to point you to the updates...

Membership Reaches New Record

We've just reached 800 current Members and wanted to let you know about this milestone. ExplorOz has definitely grown to become one of the largest collective groups of 4WD campers & caravanners in the country!

This is just a special thank you to all our valued Members.

Adventure Shop - facelift

The ExplorOz online shop - the Adventure Shop, has recently had a slight facelift with the end result being a simpler way to search, browse and locate items. You can "search" via 2 methods:


1.Search by words or categories:




2.Search for products specifically related to an area you chose by clicking or drawing a box with your mouse:


Additionally, you can click on the name of any of the categories shown in the right margin of the shop page to see the full range (currently 45 different categories with a total of over 800 products).

Want to unsubscribe or Change your profile? Use the "MANAGE" link from the bottom of this newsletter...

New Article
Satellite Technology

In this article we clearly explain everything you need to know about buying, hiring, and using Sat Phones and Sat TV systems plus we discuss where the future may lead in terms of using satellite technology to deliver many other useful services as we travel and communicate.

New Trek note

Arkaroola 4WD Loop

This Trek Note provides all the information you need to drive the free tracks around the Arkaroola area known as Echo Camp Track, and Echo Camp Back Track, as well as into the Mt Painter Wilderness Sanctuary.

(note - trek requires digital map data)

ExplorOz Team - annual trip

Yes, we're off to Tasmania soon but first we have to drive over 4000km from Perth to get to the Pacific Ocean in order to catch the Spirit 111 passenger and vehicle ferry from Sydney. Watch this space...


See you on the track soon!

David, Michelle, & Juliana
The ExplorOz Team

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