ExplorOz Newsletter - Issue 73

29th November, 2004. In this issue: New Edition Maps and Books, New Article - Oils & Lubes, How to earn PointPlace Credits and How to use PointPlace Credits.

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Dear ExplorOz Reader,

We know you have loads of trip planning and product research yet to do for that upcoming trip... big or small. As always, this newsletter is packed full of new site updates that will help you on your way.

New Edition Maps

New Edition Books

Western 4WDriver - Summer Edition

Just released!


New Products

4WD Days on the South Coast of Western Australia

Features 19 tracks.


Mid West Western Australia

Totally new map of the region from Hema.


Did you see us in the RFDS Outback Travellers Club Newsletter?

Each edition, we write a special double-page feature editorial in this publication. The latest edition features an interesting article on outback navigation and communication.

Find out how you can join the RFDS Travellers Club click here...

New Article
Oils & Lubs

As the title says, its all about Oil. Basically, we've just stuck to the facts and compiled an easy reference guide to understanding the role of engine oil, the various components and "ingredients" in oil, terminology and some general tips. As with all ExplorOz Topic Articles, we'll get you thinking and outline the key considerations and leave the rest of the sales job up to our sponsors and advertisers.

How to earn PointPlace Credits

As you know, ExplorOz has an area on the site called PlotSwap where, if you are an OziExplorer user, you can upload plot files you have recorded after doing a trip. 

To encourage all those OziExplorer users out there to upload plot files of tracks they've done, we've decided to give PointPlace credits for all uploads. Click here to upload your plot files.

The number of Credits you earn is equal to the number of Credits that the system calculates would be required to download the same file. This value is calculated based on the complexity of the file.

How to use PointPlace Credits

Up until now, we have restricted the Plot download function to Members only, however we have now extended this to include Visitors.

To download any plot file you need the correct number of PointPlace credits for that specific plot. Simply view the Statistics column of each plot file - you'll see a reference Credits at the bottom of the column. When you download that plot file, the appropriate number of Credits will be deducted from your PointPlace account (view your profile to view the balance of your credits at any time).

If you want to download but don't want to upload, then you'll need to either:

  1. become a Member (all members receive 200 PointPlace credits on joining)

  2. purchase PointPlace credits from our online shop (just $5 for 200 credits, or $10 for 500 credits).

There's over180 plot files in the system but the more you put in, the better for everyone. We simply provide the service, but its up to you to use it!

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