ExplorOz Newsletter - Issue 79

7th April, 2005. In this issue: 4WD Clubs, Interesting Stuff, Sat-Trak24, Year of the Outback 2006 - Great Outback Clean Up and Support our Major Sponsors.

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Dear ExplorOz Reader,

Easter is over, school holidays have started in most states and this means that the outback is opening up for the dry season. If you're planning a trip ExplorOz has everything you need on just about every topic. There's lots for you to Explor before you ExplorOz...

4WD Clubs

It was pleasing to see a good response from the 4WD Clubs to our last newsletter. We currently have 122 clubs from around the country listed in our Business Search under the Clubs category. You will notice that we have stacked the order of the ads with clubs that have provided us with a logo image first. Come on Clubs - free advertising doesn't get much better than this. All you have to do is email us your logo!

Interesting Stuff

In March, we recorded our highest stats ever:

  • Over 370,000 user sessions
  • Over 18 million hits
  • Almost 2 million page views

All for that one month alone!
But lets look at the lighter side of this...

More pages are viewed during weekdays than weekends (sorry bosses...) with around 14,000 pages of the site viewed each day. On weekends, this drops to around 9,000 page views per day. Hopefully, this means most of our readers go for a quick trip on the weekend rather than sit in front of the computer!

Although we record 14,000 page views per day across the site, the Home Page only accounts for 3,000 (21%) of those. This means that the majority of people using ExplorOz come directly to pages as a result of Search Engine lookups for specific keywords, or have bookmarked favourite pages to return to.

But the most amazing fact of all is that the Forum actually only accounts for just 25% of the daily page views - that means 75% of page views are spread across the rest of the site - that's a lot of activity. For those of you who only ever read the Forum, there's a lot you're missing...26,000 pages in fact!

What's new in the ...


Latest Edition

Cape York - An Adventurer's Guide

The 10th edition of this Guide has just been released in time for this season. 
A must for anyone heading up to the Cape. 



The ExplorOz website has been chosen as the launch-pad for the official announcement to Australia and the world, that the Australian owned and operated SAT-TRAK24 two way satellite global communication and navigation system is now active. 

To make this announcement, SAT-TRAK24 have decided to give you access to view a part of the system in operation via an online "event". Basically, what you'll see is a View-Only version of the Subscribers Webpage Interface - an optional feature of the system. In operation, this webpage is only available to nominated friends/family of the traveller, however for the purposes of this "event" this webpage has been hosted on ExplorOz for public viewing.

As you'll see, you can read (but nominated family/friends would be able to also send) messages to and from the "traveller". The "traveller" can also publish photos to this webpage.

The nicest feature of all however, is that during travel, the vehicle is sending live position data to this webpage so the viewers can see the actual position of the "traveller" on topo 250K maps that can be zoomed in and out to 1:100,000. 

The "traveller" for the purpose of this promotional event is well known celebrity the Uteman (Allan Nixon) - one of the lucky few who actually gets paid to travel around the country!

See SAT-TRAK24 online event and find out where on earth is the Uteman!

(currently the satellite position updates live every 10minutes when travelling).

Year of the Outback 2006 - Great Outback Clean Up

HEMA Maps, Clean Up Australia and the Australian Outback Development Consortium Ltd have announced plans for the ‘Great Outback Cleanup 2006', a competition event for teams to clean up rubbish along some of the greatest 4WD tracks in Australia. 

The Great Outback Clean Up will be a key event for the Year of the Outback 2006 and will take place over two weeks in August when 20 pre-registered 4WDs will drive along each of the 19 designated tracks leaving from the capital cities and selected regional centres converging on Alice Springs. In Alice Springs, an outback themed event will celebrate the success of the Cleanup and prizes will be awarded. 

Because entry is limited, places will be auctioned (in coming months) on the ExplorOz website, which has been chosen as the official website for the entire event. 

For more details read the latest Press Release from the AODC - click here.

Supportour Major Sponsors


continue to sponsor the Forum on a regular basis. You'll also see SAT-TRAK24 is currently sponsoring the Forum providing you with access to the Event Launch Page over the next 2 weeks.

From the desks of 

David, Michelle, & Juliana
The ExplorOz Team

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