ExplorOz Newsletter - Issue 8

11th May, 2001. In this issue: Road Conditions, Fuel Prices, Articles - Long Range Fuel Tank, Snorkel and Suspension, New Trek Notes - Anne Beadell and Wollemi National Park.

Dear ExplorOz.com site user,

More major updates on www.exploroz.com for your enjoyment...

Road Conditions:
Canning Stock RouteFinally, we have an official report current as at 4th May. The good news is that the WA VKS737 base has been given the responsibility to keep this report accurate. Stay tuned for regular updates!
Fuel PricesOur system can now extract the prices from Shell DAILY. We don't bother much with metro pricing, but have focussed on the country/outback towns. At the moment, only Shell has this info in a format we can extract. We still need you to add the non-Shell locations please! We are still in the early phases of this programming so please bear with us until it is perfect.
Long Range Fuel Tank We extend our fuel carrying capacity to 240L.
SnorkelA must-have product for a real 4WD
SuspensionStandard suspension is not adequate if you carry a big load - we feature the "cream of the crop" on today's market.
Trek Notes:
Anne Beadellnow added to the Western Deserts region.
Wollemi National Parknow added to the Sydney/Blue Mountains region.
Adventure Shop:
Tell us what you wantDo you want more choice on the Adventure Shop? Please tell us precisely what you want and we'll investigate making it available online.

Survey Feedback - thanks to all those who have submitted a survey response - the results are very interesting indeed and we are seriously looking at all your suggestions. Congratulations to Bede Watts of NSW - our first winner in the new survey.

Change of details?
We now have over 1000 (1 thousand) names in our mailing list so if you need to change your email address for receiving this newsletter please use the online system. Simply delete your old email address, then add your new email address. 

Coming soon...
A new section in Trip Preparation - Travelling with Kids. If you have something to contribute (tips, hints, advice, photos) you are most welcome to submit them to Michelle at michelle@exploroz.com

* I have heaps of great camp recipes in my head and when I finally get out of this office and "out bush" again (upcoming field trip June - August) I plan to put them all together for adding to our Trip Preparation section on our return. You are welcome to send me your camp recipes too and together we'll have a great cooking resource right here! Please send your recipes by email to michelle@exploroz.com



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