ExplorOz Newsletter - Issue 9

24th May, 2001. In this issue: Trek Note Feature - Difficulty Rating, Members Personalised Home Page, Fuel Prices, Vehicle Setup Feature, Road Conditions and 4WD Clubs.

Dear ExplorOz.com site user,

Once again, we bring you another newsletter packed full of good news from www.ExplorOz.com

A special thanks to all those who have sent feedback and completed the recent survey. We've had 3 winners already! We've taken a lot of your new ideas on board. This is a very important thing you can do so, please keep telling us exactly what you want and we'll do our best to arrange it.

New stuff to check out:

Trek Notes
Difficulty Rating We've published our scale of 1-5 with a complete legend to help you choose which treks are suitable for your skill/preparation level. 

The legend is accessible from every trek note and displayed on the Trek Search lookup page.

If you're reading a specific trek, just look in the top orange bar that shows the key (1-5 4WDs) or click the image for the complete Difficulty Rating Legend.

Personalised Home PageMembership is booming. We currently have new members joining every day so we have decided to build new features especially for Members Only - and will continue to make Membership an important benefit to using ExplorOz.

New for Members is a Personalised Home Page with special features. Members are issued with a Member Number and Password. By using these to logon as a Member every time you use ExplorOz will make a huge difference to using the site.

When a member logs on, they get their very own Personalised Home Page showing what's changed since their last visit - with links to each new/updated page. This is a great improvement and will be sure to save you heaps of time and be lots of fun too!

If you haven't yet become a member consider the benefits:

  • ExplorOz is a big site and it can be difficult to know what's changed since your last visit. The personalised home page will keep a track of what's new/updated since your last visit, provided you log on every time you visit.
  • if you are logged on as a member, ExplorOz knows who you are so there's no room for error! One of the big things we notice is how often people make typos in their email address. If you get it wrong, you won't get confirmations from the Adventure Shop, Forum, Trader, Fuel Prices etc. It also makes using the site faster as there's less for you to do!
  • make sure if you are a member you are logged on if making a purchase from the Adventure Shop. Special things may pop into your shopping cart for FREE! Also, you are entitled to free freight on orders over $60* but it can only be calculated if you are logged on.
  • members get a card that if shown to participating advertisers can be redeemed for discounts (we are working at getting lots more too)
  • So if you're thinking of making a big order, get a membership card first.

*excludes permits (due to poor margins we can't afford to offer free freight on these - sorry)

Fuel Prices
Australia-wide now updated DAILY Have you noticed that ExplorOz now has a complete Australia-wide Fuel Pricing report that is updated DAILY!! Check it out - if a place you want is not there, tell us (but we're really only interested in regional/country and remote locations). We still need your input however especially for different fuel outlet brands.
Vehicle Setup Feature No new features this week, but coming soon is our Recovery Equipment (featuring tyre repair, air compressor, recovery kit, winch etc) plus a very special and unique water tank (no hints, sorry).

The feature is nearing completion and has had a facelift - check it out!

Road Conditions
Latest ReportYou'll be pleased to know that the Simpson Desert is fully open, and so too is the Kimberley through to Kalumburu and Mitchell Falls. The Canning Stock Route is unlikely to be fully opened this season however. For a complete report, see our Road Conditions. For members, we are planning to give you the option of selecting which reports you are interested in keeping an eye on so we can send you email notification when updates occur. 

4WD Clubs

We are currently trying to contact all 4WD Clubs so if you are a member of any 4WD Club in Australia, please forward the following information to the appropriate person in your club.

"ExplorOz is offering all clubs, free promotion in our Business Search Engine but we need contact details. In return, all we ask is for a mention of our webaddress in the club's newsletter. With our dedicated Australia-wide Road Conditions, Fuel Prices and other great interactive features like the Forum, Trader and our regular Features there's loads of great stuff for clubs to find of interest. Of course, all our trek notes and trip preparation information is invaluable to new drivers too. Plus, we offer fast delivery of SA Desert Parks Passes and the full range of WA Calm park passes."

Change of details?
We now have well over 1000 (1 thousand) names in our mailing list so if you need to change your email address for receiving this newsletter please use the online system. Simply delete your old email address, then add your new email address.  

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