ExplorOz Newsletter - Issue 90

15th September, 2005. In this issue: Newsletter Special 10% off all First Aid Kits, National 4x4 Show, Fuel Prices, New Article - Staying in Touch and Forum Netiquette.

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Dear ExplorOz Reader,

This week's Newsletter Special is 10% off all First Aid Kits. We have four different kits available ranging from individual to family sized kits suiting a variety of needs.

As an extra special, we are also throwing in a free Dry Bag (pictured) with all E3 or E4 kits purchased during the Special period.

Get this Dry Bag

These bags are large (9 litres) and are perfect for keeping your new first aid kit or other items such as your camera, mobile phone, and keys together and will keep anything inside dry and clean.

Remember, this special discount is valid for 7 days only. Click here to browse or call us - we happily take orders over the phone. Note - Newsletter Week discounts are additional to the 5% Member Money received on qualifying purchases.


Who said there's no such thing as a free lunch?!
This week, we expect to receive the ten-thousandth order through the ExplorOz online Adventure Shop. To celebrate, ExplorOz is going to pay for someone's order. The lucky person who places the 10,000th order will get the lot free 
(maximum total order value including freight $200).

New and Updated Products

More Family Walks in Perth Outdoors

This popular walking guide book has been recently revised. Now contains 52 walks in the beautiful Perth region. Walks range in length from 400m to15km so its suitable for just about everybody.

Still just $16.95

New Edition Maps

National 4x4 Show
20-23 October
Melbourne Exhibition Centre

Don't forget that during the month of September ExplorOz is offering 5 lucky people the chance to grab a family pass to the upcoming National 4x4 Show. All you need to do to is buy yourself either:

View benefits

Offer valid only for Membership and Renewals purchased during the month of September 2005. Each purchase will go in a draw and 5 lucky people will each win a family pass.

Fuel Prices

It's the hottest topic of conversation in Australia - so you'll be pleased to know that ExplorOz has resumed its daily price updates Australia-wide and has even increased the number of outlets listed to 750 locations. 

You can help by entering new locations and brand outlets and making regular updates for those locations. Let's all get together and collectively we can make a great resource an even better one.

Staying in Touch

Ever wondered what's the best way to use the internet and send/check email when travelling? How will you get your mail when you're moving around the country on your next extended trip?

This New Article in our Communications Topic discuss the most effective methods to stay in touch with the modern world whilst you're off on your big adventure.

This article is not written for the IT expert, its written in simple language to give you a good understanding of the various options and how they differ. 

Read: Staying in Touch

Forum Netiquette

The ExplorOz Forum upholds a fairly standard netiquette. We take this opportunity to explain the most obvious tips to avoid upsetting others, creating havoc and avoiding post deletions:

no self promoting: got a product you're developing? run a business? Blatant self-promotion on the ExplorOz Forum is perceived as disrespectful. The Forum is only a part of the total service offered by ExplorOz. We have every right to delete self-promotion where it doesn't belong.

no trolling: Trolling is often a term used to identify individuals who solely communicate with others in an attempt to stir up a riot. You can help to prevent the efforts of Trolls by simply ignoring them. There is much truth to the saying "If you don't feed a troll, it will die".

no flaming: flaming is used to describe heated arguments that develop when people react emotionally to certain comments/issues. Name calling and rude comments tend to be the most common initiators of a flame war. Lifestyle and religion are typical issues that tend to result in flame wars and is just one reason why we request no "off topic" discussions. Pointless flaming only creates a hostile environment for everyone.

How do we moderate?

ExplorOz is internally moderated, which means that we can be consistent. Obviously there is always a grey area, and sometimes a post will be allowed to continue for a while until it gets out of hand. If you do happen to overstep the mark, you'll receive a short generic email advising your post was inappropriate and deleted. This will be issued without warning or reason and is not an indication that you are "on watch" for being a trouble-maker. If it happens a first time, learn from your mistake and move on. If it happens to you frequently, you will need to re-think what it is you are doing else you are likely to be sent a personalised warning that you could be "banned" from the site.

A final word:

Take the time to familiarise yourself with the site Terms of Use  in conjunction with the guidelines for posting listed above the box where you enter each new post you compose. If you are a frequent Forum user, then your assistance is much appreciated in the alerting of problem posts using the Feedback Form - this will speed up the moderation process. Don't leave it to someone else to do, and don't become a part of the problem by complaining publicly if its not resolved promptly.

Being able to communicate with others over the Internet is one of the main attractions of this medium. We hope that this notice assists you to communicate your thoughts properly and to conduct yourself appropriately. Lets work together to keep the Forum a "happy place".

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Regards from, David, Michelle, Juliana & Jackie
The ExplorOz Team

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