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SPOT Gen 3 is a compact, rugged handheld personal tracker that supports location tracking and check-in/ok reporting as well as help and duress functions. SPOT Gen 3 is delivered complete and ready-to-go. SPOT Gen 3 uses 100% satellite technology to send your GPS locations to your immediate contacts and emergency responders.

SPOT 3® has 5 primary functions:

1. OK button- The ability to inform people via email or SMS you are OK.
2 .Help button - The ability to inform people (that you nominate) via email or SMS, you need HELP from them if it is not a life threatening situation. (EG Vehicle breakdown)
3. Custom Message button – Pre program a custom message EG completed task.
4. SOS (Urgent) button - The ability to inform company control centres or Emergency Services that you need urgent help. With SPOT® on TracerTrak® this can report direct to you control centres or others via SMS and email to take immediate local action.
5. Live Tracking - The ability to live track people / vehicles in the field with the device giving you updates approximately every 10 minutes (on the basic tracking plan - more/less frequent tracking also available).

Enhanced Tracking Options - NEW to SPOT GEN 3!

•   Motion Activated Tracking: A vibration sensor tells your SPOT to send Tracks only when you're moving. This is a great new battery saving feature, and you don't have to remember to re-set your tracking after 24 hours for Unlimited and Extreme Tracking. 
•   Enhanced Tracking: Upgrades available to Unlimited or Extreme Tracking. Choose your rate of tracking of 60, 30, 10, or 5 minutes with Unlimited Tracking, or down to 2.5 minutes with Extreme Tracking.

Enhanced Features - NEW to SPOT GEN 3!

More Power Options:
•   Line power with a 5v USB connection. (SPOT Gen 3 is not waterproof when line powered) 
•   SPOT Gen 3 has approximately twice the battery life of SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger

More Battery Options:
•   4 AAA 'off the shelf' Lithium Batteries
•   4 AAA 'off the shelf' NiMH rechargeable Batteries

Basic Features of SPOT Gen 3

•   Compact - easily carried by remote workers  
•   Battery powered, no external power supply required  
•   Supports "I'm OK" sked reports as well as SOS duress, help and custom messages
•   Increased frequency of reporting while in SOS or help mode


•   Size: 87 x 65 x 25 mm  
•   Battery Life: up to 1250 messages  
•   Enclosure rating: IPX7  
•   Alarm Buttons: OK (sked), Custom, Help, SOS, Tracking  
•   Message triggers: User generated

What's in the box?

•   Strap  
•   USB Cable  
•   Quick Reference Guide  
•   Carabiner  
•   Batteries

Subscriptions (Paid Directly to SPOT):

All Subscriptions are payable direct to SPOT® Inc on the website:

Standard Subscription + Basic Tracking – Access to all features – OK, HELP, 9-1-1 (URGENT) Required by all units.– Unlimited messages via email and up to 200 free text messages (after 200 then 10 cents US per (message) + GPS Tracking at 10 Minute Intervals is US$164.99 per year

Optional - Select from one of two custom tracking options to be able to increase or decrease tracking frequency:

Add Unlimited Tracking to the above Standard Subscription package for an additional US$49.99 per year (allows you to designate tracking intervals at 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes.


Add Extreme Tracking to the above Standard Subscription package for an additional US$149.99 per year (allows you to designate tracking intervals at 2.5, 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes.

Account Set-Up:

SPOT® accounts are set up by logging onto and following the registration process. This usually takes about 10 minutes to complete. During this process you can choose the level of subscription required and pay online.

Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) Response:

Any activation of the SPOT 9-1-1 function in Australia will be immediately relayed back to AMSA in Canberra. They are the government organisation responsible for all emergency beacon activations (EG EPIRB / PLB).
They will then co-ordinate the activation and you will get the same level of emergency response as if it was an EPIRB or Personal Locator Beacon.


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