Traveller News Edition 1

Edition 1: 3rd March, 2017

Hi ExplorOz Reader,

This is our first newsletter to the ExplorOz Traveller app user group. The purpose of this newsletter is to introduce you to the various support resources we have available and to seek your feedback via a survey which you'll find at the end.

Video Tutorials

Did you know that we have a growing series of video help tutorials for the ExplorOz Traveller app? We recently added two more tutorials to the series and have many more tutorials planned so please subscribe to the ExplorOz YouTube Channel to receive notifications when they're added.

The latest tutorials are:


Do you know where to go to on the ExplorOz website specifically for app related information? Go to the site Menu, then select the first item in the list - titled "App - ExplorOz Traveller". There you will find 4 resources:

  • About the App - brief summary of the app and its features plus contains direct links to both the Apple Store and the Google PlayStore where you can purchase and download the app directly to your mobile device.
  • Feedback and FAQ - more in-depth article that has a section dedicated to FAQs. We have recently added more topics and answers to the FAQ section so check it out. Note - you can post feedback directly into this page by going to the Comments & Reviews section and posting a Review or Discussion. These posts are shared to the Forum automatically to ensure the fastest response from anyone available.
  • Track Logging - go here to view your online tracking page and manage your device settings, set geofences, and save/clear/download your log files. Note that when you Save a section of track logging it moves into the User Trek section. Once you save to User Trek format you can add the map to your blogs using the Embed feature in the Blog editor.
  • Newsletters - this newsletter and all future Traveller newsletters will be stored here for your convenience.

Facebook User Group

Did you know we have two Facebook pages specific for the Traveller app?

First, we have the official app page here - ExplorOz Traveller Facebook App Page, where we post development updates.

And secondly, we have a group page the ExplorOz Traveller Facebook Group Page, which you are encouraged to join to post your queries, and share ideas and tips with others in the app user group. If you have an issue you'd like us to clarify, then we're happy to do so in this public group page so that others can join the discussion and might benefit from the help.

Do you use hashtags? Then please use #Exploroz, #EOTraveller, #theresmoretoexplore, #EOTopo in your social media postings.


We've put together a fairly comprehensive list of questions designed to help us learn from your feedback to make the app even better. We encourage you to please spend a moment to complete our survey.

Click to Start Survey

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