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21 June 2019

Hi ExplorOz Reader,

You are receiving this newsletter because you are a registered app user of ExplorOz Traveller. The following contains important information about your use of the app.


A new version of the ExplorOz Traveller app, Version 3.7 has been released to provide support for online and offline EOTopo 2019. To update to V3.7 is a free update and can happen automatically on your device if you have auto app update settings activated. 

To check if you have this version already, just open the app and at the bottom of the Home Screen you'll see the version number. In fact, the latest version in the stores is actually 3.7.1 as we had to make a quick update immediately after releasing 3.7 to sort out a button glitch. If you don't have this version then now is the time to update.

*Note: Devices with older versions of Android (V4.x ) cannot obtain these updates. Installing ExplorOz Traveller onto a newer device with your same login details will allow you to obtain the new version at no charge. 


Updated Maps

EOTopo is digitally produced and available in a number of different formats. These different formats are optimised for use on different operating systems with different names to try to help customers avoid buying the wrong version.

EOTopo comes in 3 formats: - 

1. EOTopo Online

2. EOTopo Raster Version (formerly named EOTopo Premium, & EOTopo Standard). Cost $99

3. EOTopo App Version (formerly named "ExplorOz Traveller Premium Offline Maps). Cost $49.99

Please be aware you do not have to update your maps. V3.7 of the ExplorOz Traveller and beyond will still support the 2018 maps so if you don't wish to purchase the update that's fine, this is optional. We also offer a discounted update for those that already have the offline map licence. Instructions for obtaining the discount are provided further down in this segment.

EOTopo has seen 5 major updates between 2013 - 2019. The 2019 update comes 16 months after the 2018 release and has been rolled out across all formats. If you opt in to receive the ExplorOz General newsletters you would have already received an email on 19th June with the release details. This was The ExplorOz General Newsletter Edition 486. It was also posted to our Forum, on the Home Page of the website in the What's New panel, on our FaceBook Page and in our Instagram feed.

We will also repeat the specific instructions and links in this newsletter to highlight the discount pathway to get the map update:-

View EOTopo 2019 App Version Here ON OUR WEBSITE

Update Plan for Existing Customers

The EOTopo Lifetime Upgrade program is offered directly by ExplorOz (not any of the app stores). Upgrade pricing from the "ExplorOz Traveller Premium Offline Map Pack" is only $25 (no further discount).

To qualify for the upgrade you must have previously purchased the ExplorOz Traveller Premium Offline Maps (or have an EOTopo 2018 full raster licence) prior to *1st June 2019. To claim your discount, simply click the ADD to CART button for the EOTopo 2019 App Version product then use promo code EOTOPOAPPUPGRADE before proceeding to payment. You will see the promo code apply the discount to $25.

*NOTE: If you've only recently purchased the offline maps since 1st June 2019 we have given you a free upgrade to the 2019 version (check your User Account for licence validation).

Please be aware you do not have to update your maps. V3.7 of the ExplorOz Traveller and beyond will still support the 2018 EOTopo offline maps so if you don't wish to purchase the update that's fine, this is only optional.

How to install the new maps

Once you open the new version of the app (V3.7), you will need to DELETE the previous versions of the map (you will see they are labelled 2018). You can go into Advanced, and press the 3rd red button labelled CLEAR DB MAPS. This is the easiest, fastest way to delete all the maps. After these have been deleted the Data Manager will display the 2019 Maps with download buttons. If you experience any problems or errors during the downloads - please refer to the Help & FAQ on the ExplorOz Traveller page on our website, which contains a section full of tips for getting around download issues.

Please ensure you follow the instructions above and use the links we provide. We are not responsible for errors made by people who misread these instructions.


When you create new Places the save function will default to Private. Keeping them Private is ideal when you are building Treks. Whilst your Place is private you can edit it, and even delete it if necessary. We also give you the option to save the Place as Public. Sometimes we see people making things Public that clearly should not be - places like you home or street addresses.

To address this issue, we've just added a way for you to fix this yourself. You can now switch any of your own created Places back from Public to Private - and this control is also available for us to use when verifying incoming new Public Places that look inappropriate.

To switch your Public Places back to Private you will need to locate the Place on the ExplorOz website and open the page where it is displayed. At the bottom you will see the MAKE PRIVATE button.


Whilst V3.7 was necessary to support for the 2019 EOTopo online and offline maps, we are already planning V4 with lots of exciting new features. 

In V3.7 we have made a change of terminology to rename User Treks (now known as Track Logs), which is making way for a big change coming in V4. We have finally worked out how to enable the importing of Track Logs into the app - this means you can locate someone else's Track Log and import it into the app to follow yourself. 

We want to keep the use of the word TREKS for navigation plans - these contain a set of Places and driving directions with timing and distance between Places. The word TRACK LOGS are for the GPS captured position data logs that has been recorded by the tracking device you have used.

We are also looking for improvements to the controls in the nav control to make it easier when dealing with very long plans containing a lot of Places.

So stay tuned for this update - we don't yet have an ETA.

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