How to Solve your EOTopo Map Download Issues

24 June 2019

Hi ExplorOz Reader,

Over the weekend we received many requests for tech support regarding the download of EOTopo 2019 App Version. Whilst there is documentation on our website explaining what to do if you encountered download issues, we thought we'd repeat those steps here in this email/newsletter. Please read on if you need assistance:


Error Message: Unable to read file {"isTrusted: true}"


if you see this message, then you need to close the app and restart. This message means there has been a connection problem via the internet services from your device to our server. These are very large files and your device may run out of memory during the transfer causing such an error. This error may occur repeatedly. Please be patient and continue to close and restart the app. TIP: Be sure you do a complete close of the app, we believe many people don't know how to do this and could only be minimising the app, which won't resolve the issue.

How to close apps on iPads and iPhones

Double tap the home button on your device to bring up the fast app switcher. Navigate to the app screen you want to quit. Swipe up on the app card you wish to shut down by flicking it up and off the screen. See this link on Apple Support for Instruction on Force Closing an App.

How close apps on Android Phones and Android Tablets

Android smartphones generally come with a dedicated Overview button located at the bottom of the screen. On Pixel, LG and Nokia devices, this is a small square icon located at the bottom-right. On Samsung phones, it's a physical button in the appearance of two overlapping rectangles, and it's located on the bottom-left. Tap it.

You will be taken to the Recent Apps menu, a screen which displays every single app that you have currently running in the background. You can cycle through them by swiping up and down to see the full list of running apps.

Swipe left (or right) on every application that you wish to close.

How to close apps on Windows 10 devices

Locate the Task View button. This clears the screen and Windows displays miniature views of your open apps and programs. Then you can tap or click the X in its upper right corner. With a mouse you can also right-click the app's thumbnail and close Close from the pop-up menu.

NOTE: we have decided to re-code the unzip program in the downloader to improve download performance to reduce the occurrence of this issue. This will be done later today and will appear as a new app update V3.7.2 (only Android will get this update today).


If you have previously had the 2018 version of the offline maps installed on your device you will need to delete these before you have access to download the 2019 maps. The newsletter provided instructions to do this, however we will repeat those instructions here. Go to the Advanced section in the app and use the 3rd red button labelled Clear Maps DB. This will ensure that all the maps (144K, 577K and Base) are deleted as well as any directory structures that might cause glitches. Then open the Data Manager and you should see the orange download buttons appear for each of the 2019 map packs - Base, 577K and the 144K East, Central and West.


When you first commence installing the app, you are prompted to accept a number of permissions. One of these is Permission to access Storage. If you don't accept this permission, the app is unable to store files on your device that you attempt to download including the EOTopo 2019 App Version (maps). To resolve this, open the Settings on your device, select Apps and select ExplorOz Traveller - open and view the permissions and accept the Storage option, as well as any other permissions that the app is requesting.


The offline map licence is managed by your ExplorOz account, not the app stores and this is why you only need 1 map licence but can install maps across all your multiple devices, regardless of whether they are Androids, Apple, or Windows. 

If you had an existing offline map licence prior to the release of EOTopo 2019 you were advised in our newsletters that you could obtain a discount off the purchase of the new EOTopo 2019 App Version. This information was delivered to you in an email sent by ExplorOz with links to the EOTopo 2019 App Version in our shop (on the ExplorOz website), This link led to a page that looks like this:-

The email explained that to get the discount you should click the ADD TO CART button and proceed to the checkout where you would enter the provided PROMO CODE. If you didn't follow the link provided in our newsletter then you would not have seen the screen with the Add to Cart button.

Apparently, some people did not follow these instructions and used the "Upgrade" button found in the app when opening V3.7 of ExplorOz Traveller, which led to an in-app purchase of the EOTopo 2019 App Version (maps). All in-app purchases are managed through your app store account and are not managed by us at ExplorOz. Some people prefer to do so, however the app stores do not offer the option to enter a promo code. We are aware of that and this is why we issued the promo code to you via a direct newsletter with the links and instructions. We never anticipated that there would be any confusion over this but some people have requested refunds but these will need to be directed back to the app store where you made the purchase as we don't have access to store customer accounts sorry.

Please note - V3.7x of ExplorOz Traveller will continue to support the 2018 maps if you have previously installed them and chose not to upgrade to the new 2019 maps.

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