ExplorOz Traveller Newsletter 13


We've got great news for you ExplorOz Reader!

A major update of the Traveller app has just dropped so take a moment now to check that you've got it.


New features added:
  • Track Log Follow system
  • New PDF User Manual, fully revised Feb 2020

The new "Track Log Follow" feature comes after receiving feedback from app users who wanted to load a saved Snail Trail (Track Log) back into the map to follow a route they'd already driven.

We've extended this to also include the ability to load any Track Log, so infact you'll be able to select other people's Track Logs and follow those too.

Track Logs are now a new option in the Map Overlays.


The new User Manual has been fully revised so we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you take a look through the whole document. For information about how to use the new Track Log "follow" feature, you'll want to check out the section about Track Logs, and also the section about the Map Layers Tool. You'll find the User Manual in the app as a PDF. Just take the link from the bottom of the Home Screen to USER MANUAL & ABOUT.

The User Manual is also available to download from our website, which means you can also print it, if desired. Simply go to the Traveller webpage - see https://www.exploroz.com/traveller


Did you know you can read previous Traveller newsletters? Go to the Traveller webpage, and click the Newsletters tab to see all back-issues. See https://www.exploroz.com/traveller

In our previous newsletter, we featured the NEW Track Log Edit tool - did you miss it?


Don't forget that as the Developer, we're here in Perth, Western Australia to directly provide help & assistance. The ExplorOz Help Desk, allows you to lodge a support task 24/7.

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