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Hi ExplorOz Reader

Version 7.5 is coming very soon (Beta release Wed 23/11 or Thurs 24/11) and there's important information you need to know before you get the update - please read on! Use this link to view this edition or past Traveller newsletters in your browser.


Beta testing is a method that we use to expand our pool of test devices before we release a major update for public distribution. The Beta version is considered nearly-ready for release into production but might contain last minute bugs that weren't caught in internal testing and is a great time for users to provide feedback/suggestions for improvement prior to production release.

The 7.5 update is a major update so we would appreciate more users joining the Beta program asap. By joining our Beta program, you will get early access to new features in the Traveller app a week or two before the public release of the app.

Because of the potential for the beta version to still contain bugs and errors, you may wish to avoid beta versions if you are about to go away on a trip. For this reason we are alerting you now of your choices.


  • To join the beta program for Apple, simply install Apple's TestFlight app on an iPhone or iPad you'll use for testing and then tap this link from that device. Alternatively, send us your Apple ID and we will add you.
  • If you wish to leave the Traveller app beta program open the TestFlight app and select "Stop Testing".
For more information see Apple's TestFlight program.


  • To join the Google Playstore Beta program for our app, open the Google Playstore and locate the ExplorOz Traveller app listing - scroll down to the very bottom below the ads showing other apps related to this app, and you'll see the heading "Join the Beta" and the "Join" link.
  • If you wish to leave the beta program now before receiving v7.5 Beta go to the Traveller app listing on the Playstore where it will identify you as a Beta user. Click "Leave Program".
For more information see Google Play Help.


If you do decide to accept the v7.5 beta update, please refer to the information below as there are important implications for what will happen when you first open the update.


We are thrilled with the new features and changes we've developed in version 7.5 and hope you will be too. Here's a quick summary of what's coming:-
  • The Data Manager has been simplified. You only have to press one Download button and all offline content (excluding maps) will be installed.
  • From then on, anytime you use the app and are online, the app will automatically check and fetch any content updates since your last update and automatically sync these to your device in the background - you won't even know it happening.
  • Photos are now included in the offline content.
  • Place, Treks & Track Log update history is now merged into one area called Comments & Updates
  • Revised routing algorithm in navigation for better/faster driving plan calculations.


When you open the Traveller App for the first time after the update to v7.5, you will find that all your offline content (Places, Treks, Track Logs) will have been removed from the device. This is a one-time requirement to update from older versions to v7.5. You will be directed to the Data Manager so ensure you press the new single DOWNLOAD button. There will be an onscreen prompt to remind you of this but we wish to highlight this now to ensure you are aware of this requirement in advance.


Did you know that there was a new feature added in the current version (v7.4.2) that allows you to set a full screen map mode? In this mode all the onscreen buttons and controls are removed leaving just the map. If you need to use a control, you simply tap the screen and the buttons reappear.

If you'd like to use Full Screen Map Mode, change the Setting: go to Map Screen Settings - GPS Lock - the default is "Disable by button", change this to "Full Screen Mode". To activate full screen mode, tap the arrow icon that enables the GPS lock.


Our latest video in the ExplorOz Traveller Tutorials playlist will show you how to create guided route plans. Click the link below to go directly to this tutorial published on our YouTube channel.


Are you currently stuck at home? Can you spare a few minutes a day to help our Places admin team? Do you have a good eye for detail? We are looking for a handful of volunteers who can spare a few minutes each day to help us ensure new Places/updates are checked. If you can only help out for a few months, that's fine. Taking breaks is also fine. That's why we need to get a new influx of people to help out so we can ensure we have sufficient coverage. Please contact Michelle for details.


Did you know that we have merch? We have caps, stubby holders, and spare wheel covers, and polo shirts. Visit our online shop to see the range. Member discounts apply automatically off all merchandise.


Let's talk Membership and why it's worthwhile.


This is an online version of Traveller that you can access viaour website. The web-app will have access to all your existing app data (Personal Places, Treks, Track Logs, Folders etc) and you can use the online auto router to plan trips that you can then save and sync to your other devices. The web-app can be used on any PC, MacBook, or Mac desktop to help you look at the map detail on a larger monitor and even have the convenience of using a mouse. Once you have a Member account, simply go to the ExplorOz website - click on your Account tab (only visible when you are logged in), click the ExplorOz Traveller Control Panel button then click OPEN web-app. NOTE: Safari and Firefox are not compatible with the web-app. Please use Chrome, Edge, or Opera.


When you use the Traveller app and are logged in with a Member account you'll be able to "Enable" the Tracker service. Alternatively, you can use the standalone Tracker app. What this does is automatically sync your live position data to the ExplorOz server as you move (offline data is collected and queued for when you're next online). Once the data is synced to the server, a map showing your trip progress is built and you'll have a secure backup of your data, plus if desired you can allow other people such as family/friends to view your tracking via a link. You have full control over the privacy and by default the tracking is hidden to everyone. More info available in the User Manual, or check out the Tracker webpage here.


The option to download Places, Treks, and Track Log data from the website in formats that are compatible with other systems and apps such as GPX, Hema Navigator HN7, and even CSV are available for Members only. Simply open the map screen for any of these data types and use the DOWNLOAD link.


We offer a dedicated area on the ExplorOz website where Members can write and publish your own Blogs using the ExplorOz system. Blogs support Track Logs, which means you can put the map of your trip into your blog, plus you can add videos via YouTube or Vimeo, add photos in JPG format, and there is a text editor to help you quickly make a professionally looking webpage to document your travels and share with your family or friends. By writing your Blogs on ExplorOz you also gain access to our entire web audience (87,000 subscribed Australian users) and a total monthly visitation of 250,000 unique users. All that potential without the need to promote yourself on social media to gain viewers and best of all, the ExplorOz audience are genuinely likeminded and interested in your travels. If desired, finished Blogs can be easily shared to social media like you would share any other webpage. Take a look at the Blogs section on our website here .


We provide our Members with the ability to connect privately with any other Member without the need to share personal contact details and no use of social media and no need to install any other apps. To contact another Member, you simply locate the person you want to contact via the Members List on our website, or click the Send Message link shown on any of their posts in the ExplorOz Forum.


When logged into the ExplorOz website, Members get a slightly different view of the site. They will appreciate a dramatically reduced advertising experience when using the website, and can buy $0 ads in the Classifieds that normally cost $20 (Display Ads) and pay only $10 (saving $20) to buy a Premium listing to sell your unwanted gear. In addition, Members automatically get discounts off all Merchandise in our online shop.

All this for just $34.95 per year, or buy the Lifetime option and never worry about renewals. The easiest way to buy your Membership is to take the link in the Traveller app (open User Account and press Upgrade). This ensures the Membership is setup for the correct account you use in the app.

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