Traveller News Edition 3

Edition 1: 18th October 2017

Hi ExplorOz Reader,


Over the next 3 months we're running a competition via the ExplorOz Traveller app to see who can share the most photos of Australian Pubs/Roadhouses.

Here's how to enter:

  1. add your* photo of an Australia pub to the ExplorOz Traveller app for the pub location to earn 1 point. This may mean adding photos to an existing public Place or creating a new public Place. To classify as a valid entry, the Place where your photo is added must have the Place Type of either "Pub" or "Roadhouse and must be added through the app NOT the website. Earn 1 point for each different Place were a photo is added.
  2. double your points earned by adding a comment and/or a rating to the Place.

Points are awarded per person for each different Place where a photo is added as above. The maximum points possible to earn per person, per Place, is 2. Please note that you will not earn additional points for adding MORE than 1 photo of the SAME Place.

*Be sure not to breach copyright - photos must be your own.

The person with the most points at the end of the competition period will be declared the winner. Points are not tallied until the conclusion of the competition and will be compiled by the site administrators of ExplorOz.

The sponsor of this competition is our business member Camperact, who are the ACT & NSW Dealer for Australian made camper trailers including Track, Tvan, Topaz and MATE, Bolwell Rv: Edge and Air. Comperact has kindly offered the major prize for this competition. For more information about our sponsor, please visit

The winner of this competition can choose either:-

  • a 1 week hire of a Tvan (outside school holidays) with ensuite, and front fridge box (worth $885) which must be collected from Camperact in either Canberra or Narellan OR if logistics of this prize is not suitable to you then,
  • a 2.5 ton 12V Electric Scissor Jack + Impact Wrench kit valued at $241 + postage anywhere within Australia
Competition starts TODAY via the ExplorOz Traveller App - and there will only be 1 winner so start photographing or sift through your past trip photos for pubs and roadhouses! This is an easy one and everyone should be able to have a go.

Entries close midnight Sunday, December 10, 2017 and the winner will be advised just in time for Christmas!


On 15th September, we released ExplorOz Traveller to the Windows Store, where it has shot to #1 position as the top paid app in the Navigation & Maps category and is staying strong in that position.

The Windows version looks/feels the same as the Android and iOS versions however some Windows devices provide the use of a mouse, so that is an extra feature that some might consider to be very advantageous.

Whilst we now offer the ExplorOz Traveller App across all 3 device platforms, they are the same program so the tools, features, and layout are identical and there are no pros/cons between which version you choose to use - only convenience and personal choice on the platform that best suits your needs.

Please note that the Windows version is only compatible with Windows 10 devices - this includes laptops, mobiles, and desktop PCs.

When using a Windows 10 laptop for active navigation you will need to use an external GPS. Please note that this app requires that your GPS is configured as a Windows sensor and this may not be a straightforward procedure for some. Even if you have been using mapping software programs such as OziExplorer with your GPS and laptop configuration you will need to change how the GPS is configured for it to work with our app (or in fact any Windows "App" that utilises an external GPS). We have provided detailed help/instructions in the Windows store description along with a link to obtain the recommended Windows sensor software. Please also refer to the FAQ section on our recently updated ExplorOz Traveller App page here and open the section titled "Windows 10 GPS Support". An extract is shown below.

Click the image to see the full version of this on our website, or follow this link to to download the GPSComplete software as instructed.


We have become aware that some of our users have not had a smooth transition to the recent update/s due to not setting the "auto update apps" feature in their devices. For those that aren't sure how to do this, here's the instructions you need:-

How to set Auto-Update (Android)

Step 1: open the Playstore app on your Android device.
Step 2: Click the menu top left (3 horizontal lines beside words Google Play).
Step 3: Select "My apps & games" - a screen will appear showing the status of updates. Look for the statement "Auto-update is turned on". If you don't see this, follow Step 4 & Step 5 to change settings.
Step 4: Press the menu top left (3 horizontal lines beside words My apps & games) and scroll to bottom and select "Settings".
Step 5: Look for Auto-update apps - the status should read "auto-update apps over Wi-fi only" but if it says something else click the words and an option box will pop up allow you to change the status.
NOTE: you can force an update on demand as in Step 3 where an Update All button will appear at the top, or you can simply scroll down the page to Update only selected apps of your choice.

How to set Auto-Update (iOS):-

Step 1: open the Settings app on your iOS device
Step 2: scroll down and tap on iTunes & App Store
Step 3: look for the Updates setting and press the toggle setting on/green

Using Auto-Update means you don't ever need to manually check for updates. When you use the setting to only update over Wifi, it also means you won't get caught out with big updates unexpectedly costing you data. Updates occur through your operating system overnight when your device is typically on charge and not being used. Usually you will see a device notification in the morning advising you which apps have been updated. You might be surprised how frequently apps are updated. App developers like ourselves are always adding new technology and features to keep their apps up-to-date. Sometimes the fixes are very small and not noticeable to the app user, but are critical to the background operations and could be security, server connection, configuration and other tweaks that ensure you get the best performance possible.


Do you know how important your app reviews are? The app store takes the number of reviews received for the current version of an app into consideration for how it promotes the app, so it's really important that we can get as many reviews as possible to ensure people can find it easily. Many app developers actually "buy" reviews, which is a practice that we do not condone. Instead, we value genuine app user reviews and want to encourage you to keep reviewing ExplorOz Traveller when prompted.

Another thing you may not know is that some stores only display reviews for the "current version" so this also means we need to encourage you to post a rating/review each time we do an update, so we have built into the app a pop-up that will ask you to give a rating/review from time to time. If you see this, could you please take a moment to give your rating/review? Thank you - it helps us enormously!

Reviews are shown at the bottom of the app page in the store. This is also where you have to go to post a review. You can post a review at any time, or wait until prompted via the app. We even provide a link back to the store from the About section of the app, which you'll find at the bottom of the Home Screen.


Did you know that we have a series of video help tutorials for the ExplorOz Traveller app? You can find these on the ExplorOz YouTube Channel. Why not subscribe to receive notifications when we load new tutorials.


Please use the Traveller email account: or post on the ExplorOz Traveller Facebook Group.

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