Traveller News Edition 5 - Special Announcement

9th February 2018

Hi ExplorOz Reader,

This newsletter is specifically related to the ExplorOz Traveller app. As a registered owner of ExplorOz Traveller you are receiving this newsletter with instructions about how to upgrade to Version 3.0.0 and how to download the new EOTopo 2018 release maps.


As part of our rollout of the new EOTopo 2018 maps, we have released a new version of the ExplorOz Traveller app. Existing app users need to install the latest update, which is Version 3.0.0 (now available in the Playstore for Android, and in the App store for iPad and iPhone). The Windows Store update should become available any day soon.

App users who already own the EOTopo Premium Offline Mapset can update to the 2018 mapset for free within the app, however there is a process as follows:-
  1. After upgrading to V3.0.0 go into the Data Manager.
  2. Delete all offline maps - work your way up from the bottom of the screen, press one black button at a time. Make sure you delete the base map also.
  3. You will now be able to access the download buttons for the new 2018 Premium Offline EOTopo maps. So proceed to download the Base Map, then the 577K map and then your selection of the 144K maps.
  4. Finally, to ensure you can access the new Level 15 and Level 16 zoom levels in EOTopo online (this provides a max map scale of 18K) you will need to go to the Home Screen and press User, then press LogOff. Then Log in again.
The app is designed to use the Premium Offline Mapset so if you still don't have this loaded make sure you upgrade to V3.0.0 and then purchase a map license either in-app or from our online shop for $49.99 and then install via the Data Manager. By installing the Premium Mapset you will add additional zoom levels to the offline map enabling a max zoom to Level 14, which is a map scale of 144K. Don't leave home without it!


EOTopo map data is released in a number of different formats to suit the wide range of popular devices and mapping software applications in use today. However, ExplorOz Traveller App users are the first to have access to the new EOTopo 2018 offline maps and are the only user-group to have free access to update the offline mapset! So congratulations and thank you for your support. We hope you will find the new maps to be greatly improved and look forward to seeing your reviews posted to the app store.

Just for your information, we will also be releasing EOTopo maps in raster mapsets in the coming days via our website - these maps are available in ECW and OZF4 map file formats, which require the use of mapping software programs that can read such file formats (typically OziExplorer, TrackRanger or Hema Navigators).

NOTE: if you only use ExplorOz Traveller, then you do not need the Raster maps at all and have nothing to pay - you can continue to use ExplorOz Traveller and enjoy the full benefits of the new EOTopo 2018 maps.


Please use the Traveller email account: or post on the ExplorOz Traveller Facebook Group.

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