Traveller News Edition 6 - Troubleshooting Tips

13th February 2018

Hi ExplorOz Reader,

This newsletter is specifically related to the ExplorOz Traveller app. Whilst the update has gone smoothly for the majority of app owners, we have also heard reports about problems downloading the new 2018 EOTopo maps.

There is no need for us to take individual enquiries as any/all problems initiate when one critical part of this update is not performed at the right time. For some devices/accounts it appears that the LOGOFF step should have been actioned immediately after downloading the V3 app update - before deleting the map files. Once problems occur in the maps database, some devices/accounts will resolve the issue fairly easily, whilst other devices seem to take a bit more coaxing. So for those of you still experiencing problems - here's what to do:


If you've already followed the 4 step instructions sent in Traveller News Edition 5, and are experiencing problems with the map downloads then regardless of what you've already tried, please complete the following steps. If you do not do exactly as instructed, the map downloads will continue to fail.

Step 1: Open the app on your device and go to the bottom of the Home Screen where you'll see a few Black Buttons. Press the one labelled USER.

Step 2: In the USER account you will see a blue button labelled LOG OFF - press this.

Step 3: Now, restart your device. This is usually done by holding down the PWR button on your device and waiting for a message to come up asking you what you want to do - select the option that says RESTART.

Step 4: When your device is ready, press the icon for ExplorOz Traveller to open the app and go to the bottom of the Home Screen and press the USER button again. Now LOGIN - be very sure that you use your registered ExplorOz account and password.

If you have followed these steps exactly then that should be all that is required to sort out all your problems with the map downloads. This LOGOFF procedure must be done or the downloads will fail.


If the above process doesn't seem to have resolved the problems you've been experiencing, no matter what they are, then you will need to do one final step to flush out potential corruptions in your maps database. Please follow the next steps exactly as outlined below:

Step 5: After performing the 4 steps exactly as shown above, go back to the bottom of the Home Screen and press the black button labelled ADVANCED.

Step 6: Now you will see 3 red buttons. Press the 3rd option - which says CLEAR MAPS DB. On some devices the clear process may take a very long time - you must wait for this process to complete. It could take an hour so just let it do its thing. If you're device goes to sleep this process may halt so keep an eye on it. If you have problems with this clear process, it is most likely that you did not complete the 4 steps above to Log Off/Log in properly. So repeat the steps above.

Step 7: Now go back to DATA MANAGER - you should now be able to view the 2018 map downloads. Start by selecting a storage location from the provided options - and then start to download the Base Map. If you are licensed for the Premium Maps you will also be able to download the 577K map tile for the whole of Australia. Both the Base Map and 577K downloads are quick downloads. You can then select the 144K map tiles to download - these are very large files and download time is considerable.


If you are unlucky enough that the above still hasn't resolved the problems then your device is being very stubborn and you have no choice but to uninstall the app off your device.

Step 8: Make sure that you don't just delete the app icon from your home screen but actually uninstall the ExplorOz Traveller app. On Android devices you should find a button in Settings | Apps that allows you to view a list of all your installed apps, so you can locate ExplorOz Traveller and press a button labelled UNINSTALL. On iOS devices you simply press/hold the app icon and then press the X.

Step 9: Now press the (PlayStore, App Store, Windows Store) icon as appropriate and put EXPLOROZ TRAVELLER into the search bar to return to the app download page.

Step 10: Open the app on your device and follow the setup guide only as far as the LOGIN. You must LOGIN - but then immediately you must LOGOFF. Then LOGIN once again - please do not accept the pre-filled email address and password - make sure you type this in fresh.

Step 12: You should now be able to go into the Data Manager and commence downloading resources. Don't bother with Places, Treks and Comments until you are sure that you can successfully download the maps. Once you've got the maps, then download the Places, Treks, Comments.

NOTE: Some of the problems people are having is also due to not logging in with their registered ExplorOz account. To test your login, change details or get your password sent to you, you can go to the ExplorOz website.

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