Perth to Coral Bay

StartClick to Reverse the Dynamic Map and Driving NotesJoondalup
FinishCoral Bay
DifficultyDifficulty 0.5/5
Suitable for4WD AWD 2WD Caravan Camper Motorhome Bike 
Distance1136.86 km
Minimum Days2
Average Speed81.07 km/hr
Driving Time14 hrs 1 min
Page Updated: 3 May 2015


Coral Bay is a very popular tourist spot around 1130kms north of Perth and is the southern gateway to the Ningaloo Reef. It provides crystal clear waters for snorkeling, where you can view tropical fish over coral reefs within metres from the shoreline. Other tourist activities include: whale watching, kayak hiring and coral viewing tours on glass bottom boats. The town is like many small towns in remote areas - self maintained. It uses electricity from a wind-diesel hybrid system and has fuel facilities and shopping outlets. In regard to accommodation, there are resorts, cabins, caravan parks and plenty of holiday homes for hire. Bookings for any of these would be essential during peak times.

This trek takes you from Joondalup - a northern suburb of Perth, travelling predominantly on the Brand Highway and the North West Coastal Highway - both of which lie on Route Number 1. As you head north, you may want to consider stopping at towns like: Eneabba, Dongara, Geraldton and Carnarvon. Some nice scenic spots to consider would be Coronation Beach and Gladstone Scenic Lookout.

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This trek traverses through the magnificent Batavia Coast which covers a little south of Eneabba - namely Greenhead and Leeman all the way to Kalbarri to the north. From the Brand Highway on the Greenough Flats, view and photograph these unique leaning trees with horizontal trunks created by salt laden winds off the Indian Ocean.

Along the coast, there are many relatively unspoilt beaches, dune systems, and impressive coastal cliffs. The coastal foredune vegetation includes grasses and shrubs such as Spinifex longifolius and Olearia axillaris. Areas with sand over sallow rock support quite dense acacia and banksia tall shrubland, with the distinctive smelling Acacia rostellifera and Melaleuca cardiophylla forming thickets on limestone ridges.

Some of the fauna you may encounter are euros, red and western grey kangaroos and rock wallabies. Emus are frequently seen on the sand-plains while over 170 bird species may be seen, including 17 species of seabirds. The coastal lands are important for the conservation of heath-dwelling mammals, including dibblers and dunnarts.

While the eucalypts typify the Australian landscape, the shrub and heath plants provide the greatest spectacle in springtime when, in full bloom, they paint the countryside a mosaic of colour. The heath-lands are important as habitat for fairy-wrens and honeyeaters, and salt lakes and wetlands support waders and ducks.


The History of Mauds Landing, Bills Bay and Coral Bay

The history of any European settlement in this area begins at Mauds Landing which is three kilometers north of Coral Bay. It was in 1884 that the schooner ‘Maud’ had landed, hence the town being officially named Mauds Landing in 1915. Up until 1947, the settlement here played an important role in supporting other small towns in the North West of Western Australia as well as the import/export of supplies, wool and sheep.

After the hard work was done, the tranquil bay south of Mauds Landing provided a nice destination to unwind. This bay was named Bills Bay by Charles French as an ode to his wife Ruby May French who was affectionately called ‘auntie Billie’. The French family owned Cardabia Station which is the property that surrounds this area.

The first holiday shack was built in Bills Bay in 1933 by Jack McKenna - the manager of Mia Mia station and had used this shack as a summer retreat. The bay was always known to be a popular destination for its recreational activities and it was not until 1968 that formal settlement began with the Coral Bay Hotel. The name ‘Coral Bay’ suited the little community due to the surrounding coral reefs and soon the settlement in Bills Bay took on this name.


Although there are many fuel outlets along this route for filling up your vehicle, this trek is over 1130kms long so please make sure you carry enough fuel between major towns. Accommodation is plentiful and most towns will provide either caravan parks or motels if you wish to stay overnight. Your vehicle should also be in good working order before undertaking a long journey such as this trek.


Since this trek traverses on public roads and highways, no permits are needed for the Perth to Coral Bay trek note.

Fuel Supplies & Usage

Fuel SymbolOverlander Roadhouse, Wooramel Roadhouse, Minilya Roadhouse.
4cyl 160 litres4cyl 184 litres4cyl 227 litres
6cyl 174 litres6cyl 206 litres6cyl 200 litres
8cyl 174 litres8cyl 189 litres
Usage is averaged from recorded data (* specific to this trek) and calculated based on trek distance.

Best Time To Visit

This trek can be done all year round, however the wildflowers in Spring paints the countryside a mosaic of brilliant colour.

Closest Climatic Station

Distance from Trek Mid Point 62.83km SW
Mean Max. °C33.234.232.729.426.022.821.722.323.926.228.231.1
Mean Min. °C19.520.619.216.213.311.19.79.810.712.614.917.4
Mean Rain mm4.98.612.118.557.280.070.849.623.514.87.14.0
    Best time to travel      Ok time to travel      Travel NOT recommended

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LocationsDistanceDirection Time
Joondalup to 10th Light Horse Memorial8.32 kmN355° 6 min
10th Light Horse Memorial to One Tree Hill4.93 kmNW331° 3 min
One Tree Hill to Eglinton8.05 kmNW334° 5 min
Eglinton to Yonderup Lake2.76 kmN347° 1 min
Yonderup Lake to Cauliflower Cave0.77 kmNE38°
Cauliflower Cave to Crystal Cave0.49 kmN341°
Crystal Cave to Road Cave0.07 kmSE126° N/A
Road Cave to Neergabby31.56 kmN343° 22 min
Neergabby to Orange Springs44.82 kmN32 min
Orange Springs to Brand Hwy & Orange Springs Rd7.18 kmNE65° 5 min
Brand Hwy & Orange Springs Rd to Badgingarra77.43 kmN343° 56 min
Badgingarra to PBay - Brand Hwy30.64 kmNW337° 23 min
PBay - Brand Hwy to Eneabba42.35 kmN343° 47 min
Eneabba to Glenvale60.39 kmNW331° 41 min
Glenvale to Dongara20.95 kmNW337° 15 min
Dongara to Greenough41.11 kmNW332° 27 min
Greenough to Tarcoola Beach20.34 kmNW322° 14 min
Tarcoola Beach to Geraldton1.63 kmN342° 1 min
Geraldton to Bluff Point6.09 kmN5 min
Bluff Point to Coronation Beach30.87 kmN345° 27 min
Coronation Beach to Mount Sewell12.56 kmNE50° 16 min
Mount Sewell to Oakabella1.67 kmN17° 1 min
Oakabella to Oakabella Rest Area2.97 kmN16° 2 min
Oakabella Rest Area to Northampton14.89 kmN358° 10 min
Northampton to Ogilvie23.17 kmN16 min
Ogilvie to Hutt4.56 kmN11° 3 min
Hutt to Binnu9.25 kmN6 min
Binnu to Galena Bridge Rest Area24.96 kmN15 min
Galena Bridge Rest Area to Nerren Nerren Rest Area73.24 kmN354° 45 min
Nerren Nerren Rest Area to Wannoo44.94 kmN26 min
Wannoo to Overlander Rest Area47.65 kmN342° 30 min
Overlander Rest Area to Overlander Roadhouse0.18 kmN10° 1 min
Overlander Roadhouse to White Bluff Lookout50.24 kmN340° 31 min
White Bluff Lookout to White Bluff0.81 kmNE34°
White Bluff to Wooramel Roadhouse24.85 kmN358° 15 min
Wooramel Roadhouse to Carnarvon124.09 kmNW327° 1 hr 20 min
Carnarvon to Minilya Roadhouse138.11 kmN17° 1 hr 27 min
Minilya Roadhouse to Lyndon River Rest Area32.31 kmN351° 21 min
Lyndon River Rest Area to Minilya Exmouth Rd & Coray Bay Rd52.89 kmN349° 33 min
Minilya Exmouth Rd & Coray Bay Rd to Coral Bay12.78 kmW252° 8 min
Joondalup to Coral Bay1136.86 km  14 hr 1 min
Distance is GPS recorded driving distance (not straight line), Direction is straight line from start to end, Time is calculated from actual GPS driving data.


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