Pyrenees Range

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DifficultyDifficulty 3.5/5
Suitable For4WD 
Distance109.15 km
Minimum Days1
Average Speed27.99 km/hr
Travel Time3 hrs 53 mins
Page Updated: 12 Dec 2017


The Pyrenees Ranges are widely renowned for their wine making expertise. At two hours drive west of Melbourne, this area has some fantastic and challenging tracks as well as great scenery and all within coo-ee of a nice country pub if you feel like a counter tea and catching up with the locals. There are a few camping places within the Pyrenees such as Cameron Track Campgrounds, however the Glenpatrick Reserve is idyllic. Once used for cricket, the reserve features a large cleared area, toilets, and a pavilion with sheltered tables and a large fireplace. The reserve is in the middle of many tracks and you can stay for a few days and not travel in and out on the same track twice. It is also the site of the now famous ExplorOz Victorian Gathering each November.

Venture north thru the ranges and you are at Warrenmang for fine food and wine, Remy also have vineyards to visit and Avoca has THE BEST Bakery in the area. Waterfalls Picnic and Campground is a quiet secluded area providing plenty of space for your pets to run. The 4WD tracks within the area are superb and rather challenging in places, and there are a couple of nice walks including ‘The Valley Walk’ - a one kilometre return, easy grade walk, and the one-way ‘Pyrenees Endurance Walk’, which is a more demanding 18km walk.

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This area is a classic eucalypt forest area, tracks, when dry, have good traction and a variety of wildlife including Koala, echidna and Kangaroo can be seen.


The area was a Chinese stronghold during the gold rush with many ounces being taken from the ground. Although not as rich as the Ballarat and Bendigo diggings there was still a good income to be hewn from the ground. There is an old cemetery near the GlenPatrick Reserve and if you are lucky enough to meet Colin the local reserve committee member, ask him to show you further sites of historical significance in the area. It’s a decent walk but worth the effort.

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MUST READ: You are strongly encouraged to read the following articles prepared by the knowledge experts at ExplorOz for your safety and preparation before undertaking any published ExplorOz Trek - Outback Safety, Outback Driving Tips, Outback Communications, and Vehicle Setup for the Outback.


Please refer to Road Reports published by the local shire and/or main roads for the area you intend to visit. Road/Track conditions can change significantly after weather events. Travellers must be responsible for their own research on current conditions and track suitability.
Normal good vehicle preparation is handy but being so close, its not a necessity to carry two spare wheels or other things considered important for more remote areas.

Tyre pressures around 22-25PSI will see you comfortably negotiate the tracks in the area.


No Permits required, but the GlenPatrick Reserve Committee appreciate donations to help improve what is already a great place, so if you like the place then please make a donation. For more information on the Pyrenees Region, please contact the Avoca Information Centre during office hours.

Avoca Information Centre

122 High Street, Avoca 3476
Phone: (03) 5465 1000
Fax. (03) 5465 3597

Fuel Usage

4cyl 15 litres4cyl 18 litres4cyl 22 litres
6cyl 17 litres6cyl 20 litres6cyl 19 litres
8cyl 17 litres8cyl 18 litres
Usage is averaged from recorded data (* specific to this trek) and calculated based on trek distance.

Best Time To Visit

All year around is fine, however during winter the tracks can be very muddy and slippery. Avoid the region in the peak of the Victorian Winter or when rain has been forecast.

Closest Climatic Station

Distance from Trek Mid Point 38.05km E
Mean Max. °C28.828.725.420.616.212.912.213.916.720.023.726.6
Mean Min. °C12.913.
Mean Rain mm31.033.030.839.149.155.553.756.451.849.440.037.7
    Best time to travel      Ok time to travel      Travel NOT recommended


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Avoca to Vinoca Rd & Andersons Lane Rd
Driving: 3.08 km
Heading: 313°
Avg Speed: 58.35 km/hr
EST Time: 03:10
Vinoca Rd & Andersons Lane Rd to Chateau Remy Vineyards
Driving: 4.34 km
Heading: 276°
Avg Speed: 55.88 km/hr
EST Time: 04:39
Chateau Remy Vineyards to Vinoca Rd & Main Tk
Driving: 1.06 km
Heading: 262°
Avg Speed: 42.21 km/hr
EST Time: 01:30
Vinoca Rd & Main Tk to Governor Rock
Driving: 3.2 km
Heading: 284°
Avg Speed: 36.83 km/hr
EST Time: 05:12
Governor Rock to Main Tk & Sardine Tk
Driving: 2.74 km
Heading: 276°
Avg Speed: 31.16 km/hr
EST Time: 05:16
Main Tk & Sardine Tk to Main Tk & Waterfalls Picnic Area Access
Driving: 2.8 km
Heading: 202°
Avg Speed: 32.83 km/hr
EST Time: 05:07
Main Tk & Waterfalls Picnic Area Access to Waterfalls Picnic And Campground
Driving: 5.19 km
Heading: 126°
Avg Speed: 17.33 km/hr
EST Time: 17:58
Waterfalls Picnic And Campground to Mountain Hut Tk & Main Tk
Driving: 14.65 km
Heading: 177°
Avg Speed: 19.42 km/hr
EST Time: 45:15
Mountain Hut Tk & Main Tk to Glenpatrick
Driving: 8.13 km
Heading: 269°
Avg Speed: 17.73 km/hr
EST Time: 27:30
Glenpatrick to Glenpatrick Reserve & Picnic Area
Driving: 1.96 km
Heading: 50°
Avg Speed: 40.31 km/hr
EST Time: 02:55
Glenpatrick Reserve & Picnic Area to Glenpatrick
Driving: 1.96 km
Heading: 230°
Avg Speed: 40.31 km/hr
EST Time: 02:55
Glenpatrick to Mountain Hut Tk & Main Tk
Driving: 8.13 km
Heading: 89°
Avg Speed: 17.73 km/hr
EST Time: 27:30
Mountain Hut Tk & Main Tk to Waterfalls Picnic And Campground
Driving: 14.65 km
Heading: 357°
Avg Speed: 19.42 km/hr
EST Time: 45:15
Waterfalls Picnic And Campground to Main Tk & Waterfalls Picnic Area Access
Driving: 5.19 km
Heading: 306°
Avg Speed: 17.33 km/hr
EST Time: 17:58
Main Tk & Waterfalls Picnic Area Access to Main Tk & Jackson Tk
Driving: 2.43 km
Heading: 274°
Avg Speed: 26.99 km/hr
EST Time: 05:24
Main Tk & Jackson Tk to Cameron Track Campground
Driving: 3.15 km
Heading: 233°
Avg Speed: 27.65 km/hr
EST Time: 06:50
Cameron Track Campground to Cameron Tk & Spring Creek Tk
Driving: 2.5 km
Heading: 232°
Avg Speed: 11.32 km/hr
EST Time: 13:15
Cameron Tk & Spring Creek Tk to Main Tk & Blue Mountain Tk & Warrenmang Rd
Driving: 9.46 km
Heading: 334°
Avg Speed: 23.68 km/hr
EST Time: 23:58
Main Tk & Blue Mountain Tk & Warrenmang Rd to Landsborough Ridge Tk & Malakoff Tk
Driving: 4.39 km
Heading: 279°
Avg Speed: 17.7 km/hr
EST Time: 14:52
Landsborough Ridge Tk & Malakoff Tk to Landsborough Ridge Tk & Browns Tk
Driving: 5.43 km
Heading: 327°
Avg Speed: 11.47 km/hr
EST Time: 28:24
Landsborough Ridge Tk & Browns Tk to Landsborough
Driving: 4.71 km
Heading: 277°
Avg Speed: 22.2 km/hr
EST Time: 12:43
Distance is based on the travel mode shown (Driving, Straight, Cycling, Walking etc), Direction is straight line from start to end, Avg Speed & EST Time is calculated from GPS data.

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