Spiny Wattle

Family: Fabaceae
Genus: Acacia
Species: spinescens
Main Flower Colour: Yellow


Much-branched, erect shrub mostly 0.5–1 m high. Branchlets rigid, terete, striated by rather prominent yellow ribs, green, grey-green or subglaucous between ribs, glabrous, spinose. Phyllodes normally absent, very rarely few persistent at base of main stems, linear, 1–5 cm long, 2 mm wide, thick; tip curved or hooked. Inflorescences simple; heads usually sessile, globular, 3–8-flowered, 5–7 mm diam., bright golden; bracteoles sessile, concave, c. 1 mm long and almost as wide, brown. Flowers 5-merous; sepals united. Pods moniliform, curved, becoming twisted, 2–3 cm long, 2–3 mm wide, dark brown, glabrous. Seeds longitudinal, oblong-elliptic; aril clavate.

Occurs from near Ceduna, S.A. to Mildura and the Northern Grampians, western Vic. Grows in a variety of vegetation and soil types.


The main flower colour is yellow.


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Bio Regions

Kanmantoo (KAN)

Region Specifics

Kangaroo Island

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