EOTopo History: 09 Oct 2014 - 2015 (Online & 200K mapset - all versions)

Friday, Oct 10, 2014 at 17:40


A major update to EOTopo 200K was released today - known as Release 2015. EOTopo 200K is available on either a micro SD card, or a USB exclusively from the ExplorOz online shop.

All customers with earlier editions of EOTopo 200K are able to upgrade to the latest version by using the promo code that will be sent individually by email. As per our Lifetime Upgrade Plan, customers can elect to purchase the latest version of EOTopo 200K at the discount provided and via the method offered at the time. Currently, the method offered to existing customers to obtain the upgrade to Release 2015 is to purchase a new copy on hard media (SD/USB) via the ExplorOz online shop (using the supplied promo code to obtain the discount), although we will release a download upgrade option by November 2014.

What's Changed in Release 2015?

* added extensive road name labelling Australia-wide
* added road distance notations to major sealed and unsealed roads (>1km with +/- 0.5km rounding)
* added greater detail to Vic High Country
* added roads to Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane
* major road realignments around Brisbane, Adelaide
* added 5600 Camps/Accommodation POIs symbols to the map. Free camps (green tent icon), camps with fee (red tent icon), caravan parks (blue caravan icon), hotel/resorts (brown H icon).
* added over 1500 Point of Interest features to the map Australia wide. These are indicated with a camera icon.
* added 64 Roadhouses to the map. Indicated with a black R symbol.
* added the latest Native Title Register (dated 2014) to show boundaries and names of determined aboriginal land.
* removed many legacy data features & added newer data from ExplorOz Places database - these are all names & positions for Camps/Accommodation features, all Population features (Capital City, Suburb, Town, Place Name, Aboriginal Community, Station/Homestead), all Recreation/Point of Interest features, all Service/Quarantine features, all Infrastructure/UHF repeaters, and Infrastructure/P-Bay features, all Geography - Bay, Inlet, Cove, Beach, Cape, Headland, Point, Mountain, Peak, Hill, Pass, Gap, Island features, and all Heritage/Shipwreck features.
* modified colour & styling of all text labels to improve readability
* modified colour & styling of road lines

EOTopo Online

EOTopo online is now also showing Release 2015 mapping. As previously, EOTopo online is a very different product to EOTopo200K as it is a vector-mapping system that allows map zooming with a wide range of map scales. EOTopo online is a free use product and requires an internet connection. See the EOTopo online tab for more details.
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