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Bought a new unit through racv. Unit has been sent back several times but has never worked . useless crap. How many other people have had this problem ?
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Reply By: 153 - Saturday, Jun 15, 2013 at 07:18

Saturday, Jun 15, 2013 at 07:18
Canot download driver, Canot update. Have sent unit back several times . Ripped of
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Follow Up By: Member - Michael A (ACT) - Sunday, Jun 16, 2013 at 11:11

Sunday, Jun 16, 2013 at 11:11
I actually have 2 hn5 i 's due to the fact that 1 is completely crap as per your problems mine does the same and I too hav sent it back a few times. Yet the second one (got as a gift) is completely opposite and has never had an issue. go figure.
My original is ready for another trip back to Hema with a frank letter explaining issues and service.



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Reply By: 99problems - Saturday, Jun 15, 2013 at 08:20

Saturday, Jun 15, 2013 at 08:20
No working problems with mine. I find it to be a quite well built unit, and very very good for off road navigation.

On road navigation is shocking.
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Follow Up By: toffytrailertrash - Saturday, Jun 15, 2013 at 08:34

Saturday, Jun 15, 2013 at 08:34
Never had a problem with my HN6..One of the best units I have owned.


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Reply By: Member -Pinko (NSW) - Saturday, Jun 15, 2013 at 08:35

Saturday, Jun 15, 2013 at 08:35
We have a Hema HN5i and think it is great.
It took us through Sydney to the south coast from Coffs Harbour last week and it was a breeze.
The same through Brisbane at peak hour both times towing a camper.
Great to add waypoints to.
A great unit very happy.
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Reply By: Sand Man (SA) - Saturday, Jun 15, 2013 at 09:40

Saturday, Jun 15, 2013 at 09:40
What model HN5 do you have? You don't say how long ago you bought it.

The HN5 was the original model and won't connect to a Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC without a factory modification. It will however connect to a Windows XP PC.

The HN5i is the current model in the 5" range and will connect to your PC if you install the Windows Mobile device driver supplied on the accompanying CD. When you connect the device you will also need to select the method of connection displayed on the device screen. I am rather vague on the exact points as I have upgraded to the HN6 but the method will be fully explained in the User manual.

Both the HN5i and HN6 Hema Navigators are the best available for off road driving with the OziExplorer application and Hema or Napmap series maps.


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Reply By: MEMBER - Darian, SA - Saturday, Jun 15, 2013 at 09:56

Saturday, Jun 15, 2013 at 09:56
I've never replied to a numeric value before (may I call you 1 ?).... trying to bag a product here will impress nobody unless you provide more detail on the issues you have with it. That said 1, my HN5 has been running very well for several years - the battery has effectively died and I could have it replaced by the factory (and the maps updated at the same time), but I only use it in the car on 12V so I'm still happy.
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Follow Up By: 153 - Saturday, Jun 15, 2013 at 18:28

Saturday, Jun 15, 2013 at 18:28
First time only 5 mins after i turned it on ,The blue screen of death appeared , I sent it back , it took them 3 months to return it with a new screen . I tried it again it would not function , I sent it back they returned it & said they fixed it it would not update on any computer or laptop they said it had a hardware prob and fixed it again . I turned it on in lyndhurst it said to drive 7000 km around Australia to get to birdsville , Could not get it to work again next time i turned it on it swelled up and went bang smoke and all, they said it was the sun that made it pop what was i suposed to do hide it under the seat ?? so i sent it back again & told them to shove it where the sun dont shine as it would not work in the sun anyway . This time they kept it for 6 months sent it back and it still dont work . They are good at taking your money but dont want to replace a lemon . Hema is short for hematoma
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Reply By: mike g2 - Saturday, Jun 15, 2013 at 10:15

Saturday, Jun 15, 2013 at 10:15
Hi, havnt had the hema itself but experienced a similar problem with Navman MY85XLT trying to do map updates via PC. unit just wouldn't respond properly, wouldn't download etc..seemed to work ok in car to a certain degree. sent back twice before problem seemed to be fixed, but unit never the same afterwards.
seems to relate to a dodgy software load, only appears to happen to the occasional units which explains other people being ok. tried removing and reloading the PC software link as well.
see rac or hema agent ,ask for new one or refund if your really peed off.
same thing happened to my neopad tablet- refuses to connect (wireless) to internet even when given a software reboot. local supplier rep got agro with me as well when I mentioned consumer rights. suspect possible internal hardware fault ( bad component?) in these products as well as mass produced electronics have a small degree of failure .
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Reply By: troopy 47 - Saturday, Jun 15, 2013 at 18:14

Saturday, Jun 15, 2013 at 18:14
Web ave the Hni 5 great unit cannot fault it battery don't last long but always on 12 volt good unit , suction mount not real good.
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Follow Up By: AlanTH - Sunday, Jun 16, 2013 at 18:37

Sunday, Jun 16, 2013 at 18:37
Well mine certainly ain't great. On road street nav is crap and has sent us round in circles myriad times.
Off road doesn't contain the info the topo maps do so I use them instead.
I've spoken to the help people a couple of times as the retailer just dismissed my probs as "operator error" and they (helpline) have been helpful but I still have no confidence at all following it's directions in street mode.
Nowhere near as good as the after market system I had in my Prado for on road or off. Chinese it may have been and I don't know whose maps they were but it worked a treat.
I'll rely on street maps and make notes of where to turn in future when in a twon I don't know.
I know others will have had good experience and will just love them but that's life and who cares.
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Reply By: Hema Maps - Monday, Jun 17, 2013 at 11:24

Monday, Jun 17, 2013 at 11:24

Im sorry to hear that you are having problems. If you would like to PM me your name and the serial number of your unit I am happy to have a further look into it.

Alan. Have you ever had your unit updated at all? Im also happy to have a further look into it if you PM me your name and serial number.

Safe Journey...
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