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This is just something for those of you contemplating CDMA phones to 'chew on'

Approx 4 years ago I purchased a CDMA phone and car kit outright from a company in Melbourne.

It was installed and connected to a Telstra plan of $30 per month plus calls at a very cheap rate.

The telephone was a Samsung and was used primarily as the domestic mobile in Melbourne as well as the 'bush' mobile whilst away 4WD-ing.

There was slight hiccup with 'firmware' on the phone however that was rectified free of charge and it worked very well, especially in the 4WD with a 6dbf external antenna.

In the last 12 months both of our daughters purchased CDMA phones from ORANGE and I never thought much about it until they kept bugging me to do the same as you get a 2 for 1 deal on the phones.

Anyway I looked into it, and subscribed to a $27 a month 2 telephone for 1 price deal.

This included 2 new telephones, optional car kit for $200 a swag of free calls before incurring a charge over the $27, free 5mins between ORANGE mobiles, Orange mobile to house phone at 25c for 10 mins before incurring mobile rates and roam on Telstra CDMA network once leaving ORANGE area.

On top of this the existing CDMA tele no is/was portable.

We use this network extensively as a family unit between me, wife, kids and their husbands etc and have never exceeded the $27 monthly account. When away in the bush it tends to go over $27 but not excessively so (someone has to gab to daughter re grandson).

This was on a 24 month contract and so far so good. Every now and again there is minor audio degradation like the person on the other end is in a echo chamber or sh$t house etc etc, however a minor change of location normally fixes that.

There was number of phones I could chose from - Kyocera, Nokia & Samsung. I chose the Samsung again as a personal choice thing.

The only thing that seems to be restrictive on these deals is that it appears they are only available in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

I have noticed that over the last week there has been a number of offers for differing plans around the $28 - $29 mark and that you can see same on the internet at

So if this fits your circumstances it might be worth your while making a query.

Also they sometimes include car kits so ask the question.


Ken Robinson
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Reply By: Member - Pesty (SA) - Sunday, Jun 20, 2004 at 16:51

Sunday, Jun 20, 2004 at 16:51
For us in the good state Orange is a telco?
In the country they have us by the short and curlies and Telstra is it.
Hows the new J--- got it yet?
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Follow Up By: Big Kidz (Andrew & Jen) - Sunday, Jun 20, 2004 at 17:26

Sunday, Jun 20, 2004 at 17:26
Pesty, the Orange CDMA phones use the Telstra CDMA network when they are out of the orange area so I thought that you could buy and Orange phone and it would work.

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Reply By: Mad Dog (Victoria) - Sunday, Jun 20, 2004 at 17:10

Sunday, Jun 20, 2004 at 17:10
Ken, do you have the Kyocera phone they are presently offering. Have heard reports about low audio with this phone ?

Orange is available in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Wollongong, Gosford, Werribee and Geelong.
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Follow Up By: Member - Ken - Sunday, Jun 20, 2004 at 17:38

Sunday, Jun 20, 2004 at 17:38
Just had a look on their site and it appears to be the 'slider'

A female who sits near me at work recently purchased these on the 2 for 1 plan and her partner uses it as a full time phone on the Bellarine Pennisular and she is always on it and has never complained of low audio.

I have answered it a few times for her and it seems fine,

Mine (samsung has no volume problems just the odd echo every now and again.

I do know however that you can mix and match your phones with ORANGE, cause I know a guy who did just that. He got a Samsung and a Nokia on the 2 for 1 deal after he queried and requested same.

Yeah! I was aware Orange is outside of the three cities however I just included Newcastle and Woolongong in the Sydney zone so to speak.

I think its available on the Brisbane gold coast area as well.

Ken Robinson

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Follow Up By: Mad Dog (Victoria) - Sunday, Jun 20, 2004 at 18:22

Sunday, Jun 20, 2004 at 18:22
I always thought the Orange network covered Bris and the Gold Coast also but no mention of them in the terms and conditions for that plan, just the places I cut and pasted but who knows what goes on up in Sibera :)

Thanks for the info
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Follow Up By: Truckster (Vic) - Sunday, Jun 20, 2004 at 18:31

Sunday, Jun 20, 2004 at 18:31

My phone is excellent...

Very clear, not quiet when talkin to someoen, but dont have the incar carkit fitted yet. The phone is that good, that it worked in the change rooms at Local shopping center in a change room the other day when Eric called..

No hassles what so ever
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Reply By: Oznuggets - Sunday, Jun 20, 2004 at 17:26

Sunday, Jun 20, 2004 at 17:26
I have had 2 CDMA phones, first was an LG 800w and now a Kyocera 2235. Found both to be good but LG menu system pretty ordinary. One thing I found with both the CDMA phones was people sometimes say that you sound very quiet and they can hardly hear you and you almost have to yell and other times its ok. The GSM mobiles do seem to have a stronger audio level to me but CDMA definitely rules so far as coverage goes. I will be on the lookout for a another new phone in the next 6 months or so as my Kyocera battery appears to be on the way out sometimes only lasting a day. I like the look of the new motorola flip phone but will wait and see how it goes being a new model. Talking to some telstra people lately the Kyocera "slider" phone has been a real problem with many coming back faulty. Peter
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Reply By: Big Kidz (Andrew & Jen) - Sunday, Jun 20, 2004 at 17:29

Sunday, Jun 20, 2004 at 17:29
The other thing about Orange that annoys me is that the data function will not roam onto the Telstra network like the voice does. This means I cannot conncect my laptop to the phone and get emails or post to exploroz over the Orange network when in the country.

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Follow Up By: Member - Ken - Sunday, Jun 20, 2004 at 18:08

Sunday, Jun 20, 2004 at 18:08
Thanks for pointing that out as I wasn't aware of it. ( I have enough of computers at work and home)

Now that would definitely be a problem for those who need such a facility.

Are you aware of any intention by ORANGE to provide/include this facility.

Ken Robinson

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Follow Up By: Big Kidz (Andrew & Jen) - Sunday, Jun 20, 2004 at 18:14

Sunday, Jun 20, 2004 at 18:14
I typed data into the search function on the orange website and this is what it says under the following question. I don't know if they are planning any change. If they did I would be much more likely to go with them.

Can I use data (fax / WAP) while roaming?

Fax and Data and Orange WAP can not be accessed while outside of the Orange mobile network.

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