Shock Absorbers with 125mm lift

Submitted: Sunday, Feb 23, 2003 at 20:27
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I have a 5" lift on a GQ efi 96model...
Currently i am using old man emu nitro whatever shockers and they only have 35mm of up travel which is causing me grief...
They are extended heaps because of the lift......
Can somebody with experience shed some light on which shockers to replace these with?...
The vehicle will be used on trips such as Cape York, Kimberly Region, etc...
Approx it is a 60% trip and 40% city car.........
I think the shockers are topping out with general road use when hitting big manholes etc......

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Reply By: Truckster - Sunday, Feb 23, 2003 at 20:51

Sunday, Feb 23, 2003 at 20:51
Topping out on manhole covers...?? You have more problems than the shocks...

You would be talking of the clunk in the front end??? Typical on all GQs??

That is the body mount rubbers are worn out.. ~$260 a set of 12... or Caster bushes are chopped out.. did you change the caster angles when you did the lift? Even so, lots of them suck when you lift them..

Anyway, Koni will make you longer shocks, and they are the premium... Failing that, try Rancho 9x's... OME make long travel shocks, but you have to ask for them. try ARB southern in Doveton Vic.
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Follow Up By: Voxson - Sunday, Feb 23, 2003 at 21:13

Sunday, Feb 23, 2003 at 21:13
Yeah.. Mine sucked the moment i lifted it....
Vibration, Vibration, Vibration, Vibration, Vibration, Vibration, Vibration, Vibration, Vibration, Vibration, ................
Caster angle changed by 3 degrees not so long ago...
Maybe the vibe would have been less if i left the caster angle alone???..
Thanks for info.....

What dollars would i expect to pay for a good set of shocks?.
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Follow Up By: Truckster - Sunday, Feb 23, 2003 at 22:09

Sunday, Feb 23, 2003 at 22:09
Is yours short or long wheelbase?

Shortys suffer chronically from over 4inch lifts.. Tailshaft angles are deadly on them.

Viabrations can be lots of things. Worn unis in the tailshaft will be worse once lifted... All the bushes in the front end replace them,...

No you NEED to change the caster angle.. My front diff where the tailshaft comes in, it now points upwards noticeably!

9000's were $175each.. 9x, not sure but more, all around the same, Koni Long travel are more, but they are rebuildable 100%.

Go koni and never look back, but they wont cure your viabration.
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Follow Up By: Suzuki Viagra - Sunday, Feb 23, 2003 at 22:47

Sunday, Feb 23, 2003 at 22:47
Don't just look at fits XXXX.

I found that all the "professional" brand shockers being offered as a Vitara fitment would only offer me 1-2 inches extra travel than standard for the Vitara. The first set of dodgy HQ shocks I fitted gave me that.

Considering the Vitara has to be quite possibly the most travel limited 4wd of all time, I felt that was a joke.

Sure I coulda gone Rancho 9000's or Koni's, but I've heard bad bleep about Rancho's and had many problems with Koni's myself over the years.

Instead I just looked in the Gabriel Catalogue for the right (MEGA!) length, fitting, and similar vehicle weight.

Gabriel White 4x4 shocks with 35mm plunger $65 each - Super Cheap Auto.

If they're rated as a "Premium" Gabriel product for Landcruiser shorty I'm sure they're good enough for the Vitara. Slighlty stiff on-road (brand new will settle) but awesome off road - slightly less travel than my last Gabriels (only red passenger car gas - but 600 mm extension!) but heaps more damping.

MY standard length Suzi Shock 47 cm extended and 27 compressed was obviously no good even before the body and suspension lift combo
Cruiser Shock 55 cm extended 34 compressed.

Over 3 inches more travel and better damping for the stiffer raised springs.

Remember different cars have different mounting points and styles - you can also get eyelet to pin converters which give you extra height too adn enable other shocker mount styles to be used - try Marks 4wd Adaptors or Big Balls off road.....

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Reply By: Kev. - Sunday, Feb 23, 2003 at 22:06

Sunday, Feb 23, 2003 at 22:06
Why do lifted Nissans vibrate ? i have heard this a few times and wonder why. I have 6" springs in my 80 series with the same caster bushes the Nissans use on lifts and have a smooth ride , the only difference was the steering was lighter.
I thought the casters bring the diff inline with the drive shaft to reduce the angle and vibration. Ive heard that bigger degree casters are now avalable for the Nissans. (last month or two)

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Follow Up By: Truckster - Monday, Feb 24, 2003 at 10:34

Monday, Feb 24, 2003 at 10:34
Yea its one of lifes mysteries...

Na, the angle of the tailshafts are fairly steep when you go up 6in, some people with 80's (if it was fitted by a shop) fit spacers under the transfer case mounts to lower the transfer case thus the angles arent as steep... Some people do it to GQ's too...

Shortys are deadly for angles, with their short tailshafts.. some people say that double cardin joints help, others dont ... Some on the list also say 4inch is plenty on a shorty GQ to stop all the problems... Lets be honest, if you need more than 4inch lift, then your into competiton anyway, so other factors will come into it.

The smallest worn Uni on a steep shaft will be exaggerated by the lift. Also it happens on some and not on others... Which doesnt help sort out the problems much...
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Reply By: Voxson - Monday, Feb 24, 2003 at 07:54

Monday, Feb 24, 2003 at 07:54
Thanks for feedback guys,,,,
Truckster::: It is LWB and i have even swapped the tailshaft with a friend of mines who has a 6" lift in his GQ and then even turned the shaft around and it still vibrates..... "wits end".....

Suzuki:::: I am going to do some homework today on shocks.. Thanks..

Kev:::: The angle still looks pretty steep even with the 3 degrees...
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Follow Up By: Kev. - Monday, Feb 24, 2003 at 12:49

Monday, Feb 24, 2003 at 12:49
Just looked at mine and the front shaft is inline with diff , no angle at all.
The rear is on an angle though.
Try looking around for larger casters . I got mine from Wizzard Performance ( Brent - 0418886036) in Brisbane and i know he just recently found larger ones than i used , for the Patrols (i dont know what size mine were).

By the way have you recently put on new tyres ???
try swaping tyres with your mate as they are some times out of round
( you cant see it) and can cause vibration.
This happend with my Hilux up around 80 clicks .
Try this first !!

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Follow Up By: Truckster - Monday, Feb 24, 2003 at 14:22

Monday, Feb 24, 2003 at 14:22
Also swapping left to right on older tires can sometimes throw them out of balance LOTS...

Bloke from ARB was telling me that the belts get worn in one way then you make the tire go the other, then they get all out of wack.

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Follow Up By: Voxson - Monday, Feb 24, 2003 at 21:47

Monday, Feb 24, 2003 at 21:47
Brand new 33's x 15 x 12.5 which let me add stick a little outta the front guard...... and hit the mud flap on full lock on each side....

Vibration only there when the front hubs locked in....
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Follow Up By: Truckster - Monday, Feb 24, 2003 at 22:54

Monday, Feb 24, 2003 at 22:54
Voxon, your still not the only one who has had this problem! With the hubs locked.

What rims are they 33's on? Track 2's? the Toyota offset is the go.

Then you put Flexy Flares on from TJM....

If you want put a 7-12mm Spacer on the control arms to move the diff forwards enough to clear the rear of the guards and mud flaps.
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Follow Up By: Truckster - Monday, Feb 24, 2003 at 22:58

Monday, Feb 24, 2003 at 22:58
Voxon, your still not the only one who has had this problem! With the hubs locked.

Its in the front drive shaft, or in the front hubs.. Various people have changed lots of things... from rebuilding the front end, which isnt such a bad thing in the first place...
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Follow Up By: Suzuki Viagra - Tuesday, Feb 25, 2003 at 09:18

Tuesday, Feb 25, 2003 at 09:18

I've got the same problems with clearance using 31's (or even 30's) when steering under heavy suspension travel off road.

With 6" lift you should think that 2" larger tyres should fit, but the width of the wheel arch just doesn't change without brutality.

All you can do without significant front end mods/rebuild is lift the car up as much as feasable and hope the suspension height means that the widest point of the tyre doesn't travel to that height.

Since you're already having the issues with driveline vibration rebuilding the front might be the way to go.

Places who prepare competition cars should be experienced in resolving the issues you're having. Manelli in Sydney have done GQ's up to 38.5 tyres. Australian 4wd specialists in Melbourne also have done some very tough Patrols of your age - running 6" lift and 35"s with no problem.


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Follow Up By: Truckster - Tuesday, Feb 25, 2003 at 12:06

Tuesday, Feb 25, 2003 at 12:06
Voxon, if your in Melbourne, call Brett at Total4wd Center in Epping.

They did all the work on mine, and they know their stuff WELL...

If your in Sydney goto either Mannells, or Macquarie4x4... they are the goods.

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Follow Up By: Voxson - Tuesday, Feb 25, 2003 at 22:42

Tuesday, Feb 25, 2003 at 22:42
Adelaide :o(............
Any ideas here??..( not 4wd systems either )..
All the big places like tjm and arb shy away from big lifts...
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Reply By: Truckster - Tuesday, Feb 25, 2003 at 23:12

Tuesday, Feb 25, 2003 at 23:12
Most places will shy away at the moment

theres a law suit going on in NSW about someone who rolled a lifted 4wd suing the engineer and shop that sold them the goods...

everyone is waiting to see the outcome of that.. :(
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Reply By: Voxson - Tuesday, Feb 25, 2003 at 23:18

Tuesday, Feb 25, 2003 at 23:18
And without trying to open another can of worms i just wanna say.................

These dropkicks which buy first and sue later should be the ones to get put in $%^&ing jail for contempt of lifestyle...
No wonder we are going to the dogs.......
Live by the sword....... Die by the sword........

Every one is entitled to an opinion...... ( i hope )......
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Follow Up By: Voxson - Tuesday, Feb 25, 2003 at 23:21

Tuesday, Feb 25, 2003 at 23:21
Oh..and i bought an fitted rancho 9x's today.. $750 for the set and the result is no topping out on manhole covers and potholes....
And the front and rear travel is almost enough to pop the spring out...
So i will be extending the bump stops on the weekend...

Thanks again.....
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Reply By: Suzuki Viagra - Wednesday, Feb 26, 2003 at 10:38

Wednesday, Feb 26, 2003 at 10:38
So long as it doesn't look like it's gonna pop the spring out leave it that way - I can change springs easily by getting max travel then squashing the spring down by hand enough to clear the bumpstop, take it out and put another one in - no bolts required, just a nice big framebender.

Good luck with the rancho's

The reason why ARB and TJM don't do 6" lift is simple - they are producing a product that must be legal in all states without engineering certification.

Hence 2" suspension lift maximum.

Also so they won't get their asses sued off as mentioned above.

I think if the shop loses the court case we are gonna have to go back to making, modifying and fitting the parts ourselves or buying them off the internet from america. Not that that will worry me as I've fitted everything myself, but it will stop the inexperienced big money twits from looking at an extreme 4wd video and going to their local 4wd shop and throwing $50k on the counter and saying - make me one of those!

4wding is a motorsport - motorsport involves risk even if you do it right (and he probably didn't do it right did he?).

Remember about 10 years back there was a call to ban SWB 4wd's like Troopy's and Patrol's after a spate of dikkhedd induced rollovers?
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