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Thursday, Jul 29, 2010 at 10:12


Broome was great! The caravan park (in fact all of Broome) was packed! People everywhere! The weather was fabulous and the girls loved the beach and the pool. Went to the Mangrove Hotel on Monday night to see the Staircase to the Moon and bumped into an old friend whom we haven't seen for several years (Richard!). He lives and works in Broome now. Will plan to catch up with him on our return journey! We have met quite a few people in the caravan park. Farmers from Lake Grace, a family with 2 young girls (3 & 4yrs) who are travelling for the next several months around Australia, and another young family who have just secured 3 months work in Broome. The husband will be working with the prisoners teaching them to build houses. The prisoners are guaranteed a job at the end of it (paying $27.50p/hr).
We left Broome on Tuesday and headed off to Windjana Gorge. This is a beautiful spot to camp! There are even clean flushing toilets (and they don't smell!) There are solar showers which are quite cool by the evening but that is exactly what you want as it is so hot here!The gorge is amazing and a lovely walk along the banks but not too close to the water as we saw at least 20 crocs! 37kms down the road and we stopped off at Tunnel Creek. Wow! Another amazing place! The creek runs through what seems like an endless cave! Pitch black and wading through the water with our headlamps and lots of bats! Beautiful and cool down here too! I think the temperature is about 35 today.
Didn't stay here too long as we wanted to get to the next campsite and set up before dark. Had a quick toilet stop at Fitzroy Crossing (that's about all you can do here!) plus I don't think it's really somewhere you would want to stop, especially with the kids! It's also an alcohol free town so going to head to Mary Pool about 180km North so we can sit down and enjoy a glass of wine with dinner! Supposed to be a beautiful little camp spot.
Hmmm!!! I can see the potential for it to be nice but only if there weren't 200 caravans and generators in this place! Obviously a popular spot! It took me two attempts to use the toilets (I had to practice holding my breath first and I didn't make it all the way in the first time around). They are definitely the worst toilets I have used (and we have seen a few dodgy toilets!). Because it was so busy and noisy we decided we would only put one tent up and only pull out the sleeping bags. We all slept in the one tent on the ground! The girls were fine but Alex and I struggled, plus the cows kept mooing all night! By 5.30am we had to get up off the ground! By 6.10am we were packed up and out of there! Now here we are at 8.30am sitting out the front of a roadhouse in Halls Creek. Marginally better than Fitzroy Crossing! The girls are eating a toasted sandwich while we catch up on phone calls and update our whereabouts on the website. We may not have any access for a while now as we are heading off from here into the Bungle Bungles. We hope to arrive around lunch time. Apparently once you are in the National Park it is a 50km/2.5hr drive to the campsite! The best thing though is no caravans are allowed here, 4WDs only! From other travellers reports it is beautiful so we plan to spend 4 or 5 days here and go check it out properly!
Anyway, must get out of Halls Creek now!... Have uploaded a few more photos....
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