Simpson Day 0

Saturday, Jul 13, 2013 at 22:00


This evening I explored blogging for the first time. On this site the first line of the introductory help text read "Congratulations! This is your personal Blog space and the limitiations are almost endless as to what you can do here."
Did you notice the phrase "the limitations are almost endless"? Well that explains my efforts in navigating my way around this site, trying to set up the track map.

Our target today was to leave at around lunch time, but drop into our favourite cafe for lunch and coffee before actually departing. At three o'clock we finally left home, eating a couple of muffins as we headed straight past the cafe, not stopping until we got to Calder for fuel and coffee.

From there we headed to Bendigo (it rained all the way) and took a cabin at the City Central Caravan Park. Tea at the adjacent pub seemed like a good idea but they were booked out. We headed further towards town where at another pub we waited 20 minutes for a nice meal.

Car stuff...
On Wednesday evening I changed the oxygen sensor in the Subie and it seems to be running better.
On Thursday evening I changed the ECU mapping, trying to smooth out the throttle response bumps the tuner had left in there - which means the ECU has to re-learn its timing settings. I had read that resetting the ECU can stuff up the fuel consumption for a while - well I was watching the instantaneous consumption from Calder (after refuelling) and it was all all over the place, sometimes as high as 18 LHK in flat steady driving, with the average to Bendigo being 13.5!!! I hope it learns the correct settings soon.

Tomorrow it's off to Hattah Lakes to meet the others in our party.
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