Simpson Day 4

Saturday, Jul 20, 2013 at 14:37


Day 4, Wednesday – Tibooburra to Innaminka
An earlier rise today, we made it into town by 9 – to grab a coffee before leaving. At least that was the plan, until Les locked his keys into his car. With the valiant effort of two second rate car thieves (Jessica and a local) it only took 15 minutes to break in. It was 9:30 when we finally moved off.

Not much other action in the morning - several stops for photos, one stop to fix Jamie's spot light that had come loose, and another to patch Peter and Jean's broken headlight – from a stone.

Next stop: Cameron Corner – where one can be in NSW, SA, and Qld at the same time. After a group photo we headed up to the corner store where some of us bought some lunch. Jan's steak sandwich and my burger were both quite enjoyable. There is club sticker on the wall now.

From there it was east for a while then up the Old Strzelecki Track to Innaminka. Good unsealed roads all the way, mostly wide, some corrugations. The first section from Cameron Corner was good fun as we headed over lots of of sand dunes (on a gravelled road, so no sand driving). We typically travelling around 80 km/h, which over some of the rises left our stomach in our mouth.

We arrived at the Innaminka camp ground early enough to set up camp and have tea before dark. The plan for a very early start tomorrow was scuttle-butted when we discovered (at 5:30 pm) that fuel is available from 8am to 5pm. Such is life.
Today was a warm day – 27 max.
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