Simpson Day 5

Saturday, Jul 20, 2013 at 21:32


Day 5, Thursday – Innaminka to Haddon Corner
Last night at the Outaminka Beer garden (that is it what it is called) there was a big outdoor screen set up for the State of Origin match. None of us partook of the spectacle but we could clearly hear when tries were scored.

A very mild night – 16 min.

Note to self – don't trust unproven phone apps to work and save data as expected. I had made copious notes about today's events – for easy blog posting when I had internet coverage again, but when I went looking for it, only the most recent edit was there. Not happy.

First stop today was Burke's Grave – the site on the Cooper where Burke was initially buried.
A little further along we visited the Burke and Wills Dig Tree. The area is maintained by Nappa Merrie Station, which explains the unexpected $11 per vehicle entry fee.

A relatively uneventful trip ensued from there north before taking a sharp left into Haddon Corner. Haddon Corner is the north-west corner of South Australia. After the obligatory group photo we set up camp nearby in a flat footy oval sized area surrounded on three sides by sand ridges. The wind stopped and the flies came out in force when we were about to cook tea – one annoyance replaced by another.

A very nice sunset this evening, with rain visible in the east, north-west, and west. Shortly after sunset the wind sprang up accompanied by a few drops of rain, and two minutes later we had strong wind and heavy rain, yet ten minutes later it was gone. Needless to say the rapid onset of rain and strong wind caught a few of us with our pants down, figuratively speaking.
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