Simpson Day 19

Thursday, Aug 01, 2013 at 21:46


2013-08-01 Day 19, Flinders Ranges to Burra

This morning we followed the Geological Trail across the Flinders Ranges, then down to Wilpena Pound. Jan has never been to Wilpena Pound and she wanted to sus out the place with a view to coming back here at a later date. We had planned to come here over 25 years ago, but Jan found herself unexpectedly in hospital and we never did get there. The Flinders Ranges in general, however, is a magnificent place with so much to see and explore; Jan is already planning an extended trip there.

We passed through a number of smaller and larger towns on our way to Burra, not stopping anywhere long enough to explore the localities. We are camped in the Burra show grounds tonight, lots of green grass and lots of room to pitch our tents.

Les did not make it to Burra last night, but did arrive around three today. He is staying at a pub and Jamie is joining him tonight. All ten of us got together for tea, for a last supper.

Tomorrow we split, with Peter and Jean, and Jan and I heading down to Hahndorf before travelling back to Melbourne, to arrive home Saturday afternoon.

Damian and Martin, and Stephen and Bev are planning to travel back via Berri, Mildura, again for a planned home arrival of Saturday, but that may change.

Les and Jamie will be travelling home via various places in this area of the world, including places whose names I have not heard before so cannot remember them to repeat here.
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