Simpson Day 20

Friday, Aug 02, 2013 at 21:11


2013-08-02 Day 20, Burra to Horsham
8:30 a.m. saw four Foresters depart the Burra show grounds, two heading east, and two heading south (including Jan and I). Les and Jamie were still at the Hotel when we went past.

It was nearly eleven when we arrived at Hahndorf; Peter wanted a leather cover made for his shovel, and forty minutes later the leathersmith had completed the task, and a very good job it was too. The leathersmith did well out of us today, with four belts and two hats purchased as well. We had a quick look through some of the other shops, had some lunch, and two hours after arriving we were on our way again.

It was just after dark when we arrived at Horsham and took hotel rooms, followed by a very enjoyable tea at the nearby pub.

The east-bound party (Damian and Martin, and Stephen and Bev) were heading to Martin's place at Maldon for tonight's stop over. They were still on the road when we arrived at Horsham.
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