Tolarno Station to Nelia Gaari Station between Menindee and Wilcannia

Thursday, Oct 10, 2013 at 11:00


After one night at Tolarno we headed to Nelia Gaari Station between Menindee and Wilcannia. The 50 kms into Menindee was a little better than yesterday but still rough in spots. After stopping briefly in Menindee we headed up the Broken Hill Road to just past Copi Hollow and turned into the Wilcannia Rd. The road was in reasonable condition and the issue was the dust from oncoming traffic. The only problem we had was identifying where to turn off to the Station as some 10kms before you get to the Station turn off there is a sign to Nelia Gaari Yards etc on the left. Following a phone call and travelling further along the road we found the correct gate on the right. This one is marked with “Station and Camping” next to the gate. It is set back from the road so if you are going to fast you may miss it. The trip into the Station from the road is about 5 kms and you turn to the right at the House and follow the main track to their camping areas. The main camp area has 2 long drop toilets and 2 showers with hot water. Both are in good condition and very clean. The showers use river water but were great after the dust. There are a large number of spots to camp either on the river or in around a Billabong. Greg and Lily certainly make you feel very welcome.
Dogs are not generally allowed but if you can guarantee they are not aggressive/small and under control at all times you may be allowed to bring them.
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