Bicheno to Deep Creek via Chain of Lagoons, St Helens, and Binalong Bay

Tuesday, Mar 25, 2014 at 19:00


The drive today was not planned as being as long, but due to the weather we decided to press on and stay the night or 2 at either Eddystone Point or Deep Creek north of the Bay of Fires. Leaving Bicheno we stopped at a number of places on the way. The first stop was at a place called Denison Conservation Area and although camping isn’t allowed it is a great spot with easy access to the beach and the river.

The next stop was at the Lagoons Camping Area near the location of the Chain of Lagoons. The area was quite large and had 2 entrances off the Highway. This spot had been recommended to us and we could see why with easy access to the beach and a great spot.
After getting a fill of diesel at St Helens we drove out to Binalong Bay. This spot is really beautiful and we took some time to have a snack and a cuppa. There is no camping at Binalong Bay unfortunately. We forgot that there was another road to the Gardens Area so we missed what is supposed to be another good camping area.

Returning to St. Helens we then took the road past the Priory and headed to the Mt William National Park. At the location where the road to Eddystone Pt. and the road heading to Deep Creek diverge a road crew was in the process of repairing the road to Eddystone Pt. so we decided in the drizzling rain to head to Deep Creek. The camping area at Deep Creek was easy to find at the end of a gravel road that although corrugated in parts weren’t bad. The area is reasonably large although some spots were dead end narrow tracks so it would pay to walk in to check to see if your van or trailer could be turned around. After finding a spot and starting to set up we were visited by what we believe was a small grey Kangaroo. She was obviously fairly tame and sat and watched us. She had been injured at some stage and had a damaged eye and front leg; this didn’t seem to hinder her ability to forage for grass etc and got around quite easily. The spot we chose was right on the creek which was crystal clear and you could see the fish swimming around. The toilet provided was the standard long drop and was in reasonable condition and fairly clean. The camp fee was $13 per night and was on the honour system with envelopes and a slip to put on your van or tent. I took a short walk across the creek and out to the beach where the surf was rolling in and not a soul to be seen. Later that night we were visited by what we think were a pair of pademelon wallabies, they were much smaller and had pointed noses.

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