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Saturday, May 30, 2015 at 20:19

Member - Jim B8

Well its supposed to rain, great.
We went to Eulo to meet our friends, only took the truck, as the tow hitch on the van had a 60mm split in it. Another one is being mailed to Cunnamulla, should get there Tuesday? When we get back to SE QLD we will get the design "reassessed" - 3.5 ton hitch towing a 3.5 ton van??
Had some IT blues as well, the modem (4g Aircard) was struggling in the lower signal, wouldn't charge - basically wouldn't work.
We are back at Bowra Station till the new hitch arrives, and the modem is attached to an external aerial, and on a special power supply that cycles on and off every hour, to keep the 4g precious darling calm and cool. So its not all bad, in the van, and a couple of scotches. And today I met some Bourkes parrots, definitely on my "list"
Conditions were very dark, and I couldn't get anything too remarkable, but still, I cant complain, this place has ticked a few boxes for me re birds.
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