Tchukardine Pool - Rudall River National Park

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Tchukardine pool is a waterhole located 7.8 km west of Hanging Rock in the Rudall River National Park. The waterhole falls only a couple of kilometres outside the parks western boundary. The track heading south from Hanging Rock is long unused and as such is over grown and hardly discernable. This waterhole is a long sandy depression in a short, un-named creek. It is a watering spot for wildlife and feral cattle, camels & donkeys (who will bray in indignation all night).

It is the closest water to Hanging Rock without back tracking to Curran Curran waterhole. Within two kilometres of the waterhole is Meeting Gorge which is passed to get to the waterhole. There is a good camping spot by the waterhole and a cairn under one of the spindly acacia trees holds a jar with visitors details (only one so!). Some track notes. Reset odometer to zero at Hanging Rock. Follow track south towards range in distance.
3.7 km River (S22.52673 E12163913)
3.9 km crossing river on a diagonal. Track very indistinct due to camel prints (S22.53348 E121.63855)
5.5 km Knoll on left (S22.53348 E12162528)
7.1 km Creek crossing (S22.53656 E121.61127)
7.8 km Tchukardine Pool.

''We knew from the experience of well-known travelers that the
trip would doubtless be attended with much hardship.''
Richard Maurice - 1903
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