Popiltah Lake NSW - Bush Camp

Saturday, May 28, 2005 at 00:00


Saturday 28th May, 2005
Bush 2km west of Popiltah Lake NSW

Well the journey, like so many others, has begun in a laid back fashion with an early stop to test the metal and ingenuity of the outback traveller. Thankfully everything has been relatively painless (excepting the price of diesel in Mildura at @ $1.21 per litre).

Overslept a little after the big drive up from Traralgon. Having arrived at 11.30 p.m. at Jude’s, there was time for a quick chat, a cup of tea and then bed.

After a hearty brecky of Jude’s famous tomatos on toast, Amanda and I headed up to town to pick up the camper trailer from Curran’s in 10th Street. Dave Curran was there waiting with a happy countenance and quickly gave me the tour of the trailer. After contracts, cash changing hands and the business end of the transaction, I was almost out the gate with the last sage piece of advice from Dave; “Mate…It’s all about keeping her happy…you know what I mean?”

Dave was astounded that I did not have a toilet seat, thunderbox or any specific item of ablutionary apparatus on board. Could I ignore this? Not on your life. Thus it was off to Rays tent city to invest $19 in “her” happiness!” She’d better be happy because she’s the only one with a bum small enough to use it anyway. Not to mention the load limit. There’ll be no giving birth to a small nation on that throne for me let me assure you!!!

Anyway, I digress. There were a few essential items that had to be procured before heading back to Jude’s. On arrival the transition of materials and stores from the ute to the trailer went smoothly. Heaps of room. I’ve been forced to store one fuel and one water jerry cam within the trailer thus leaving the ute tray entirely empty.

The plastic storage tubs were a great idea. We lunched with Jude at the Grand Pizza Café before returning and bidding farewell at 2.00 p.m. or thereabouts. We crossed the bridge to Buronga and found diesel some 4 cents cheaper. I took 112 litres on board including the three jerry cans and then off to Wentworth and then north to Broken Hill on the Silver City Highway.

Our original destination had been the Bunerungee Bridge but, on arrival, it appeared very unappealing with the anabranch bone dry. Amanda utilised the facilities and then it was off towards Popiltah. The trailer towed well and although you know it’s there, the cruise control managed an even 110 kph despite a heavy headwind. At Popiltah we headed inland on a track for a little over a km and found a relatively sheltered location at the edge of the dunes. 4.00 pm was the time trial commencement for camp se-tup. 4.45 pm saw everything completed and the fire lit. Not bad for the first effort. Beds were made and all.

The weather is overcast and cold with an occasional spit of moisture. Nothing to worry over. I’ve burnt off the new BBQ plate and am now about to execute some steaks thereon. Vino has cooled quite well in the freezer. A nice easy day.
''We knew from the experience of well-known travelers that the
trip would doubtless be attended with much hardship.''
Richard Maurice - 1903
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