Climes Track

StartClick to Reverse the Dynamic Map and Driving NotesGranville Harbour
FinishTrial Harbour
DifficultyDifficulty 4.5/5
Suitable For4WD 
Distance24.8 km
Minimum Days1
Average Speed23.35 km/hr
Travel Time1 hr 3 mins
Page Updated: 30 Oct 2008


The Climes Track is very much only for experienced 4WDrivers and for vehicles with decent ground clearance. It is slow going, has lots of steep hill climbs, rock climbs, rotting timber bridges, waterfalls, and wonderful coast and mountain views. It takes about 3 hours (more or less depending on how long you stop at lookouts, and how many times you stop for photos, etc).

Climes track starts at Granville Harbour and traverses the cliff tops of the coast before finishing at Trial Harbour. The track can be challenging in places with large rocks, side inclines and lots of eroded gully’s to negotiate. Careful placement of wheels and slow speeds are needed to navigate along the track - with predominantly first and second gear low range all the way.

The bridge over Granite Creek has collapsed and access is only possible by taking a bypass on the west side of the Climes Track. This track starts about 15 metres north of the bridge and rejoins the main track around 100 metres to the south. This alternate crossing is pretty steep on the opposite side (southern side), with some rock ledges to climb to make the ascent potentially difficult, especially with no winching points above. The crossing is even more difficult and possibly dangerous if coming from the southern end. Please do not attempt the crossing, during or after rains, and if the creek is in flood.

Once in Trial Harbour, its a great place to stay - but campsites may be full to overflowing. A good idea is to spend a bit of time here and take a tour of the Trial Harbour "History Room". This fascinating room of a house has been lovingly and carefully prepared to show bits and pieces of memorabilia and relics showing the history of the area, including mining and fishing. There are photos, gemstones, relics, and bits of general flotsam and jetsam that have washed up from the beach and lots more. Perched on a grassy headland to the south of the town, the outside area is also full of treasures for the kids to explore.

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The weather in this region can be unpredictable and like most places along the coast, is often pounded by the ‘Roaring 40s’ - a name given for the latitudes between 40°S and 50°S because of the boisterous and prevailing westerly winds.

The coastline in this area is known to be very scenic and wild, with a number of old mines that dot the area, and great scenic views of the Southern Ocean and inland mountain ranges. Vegetation near the coast consists of heath and scrublands, whilst buttongrass dominates the poorly drained moorlands. Numerous wildflowers and orchid species dot the coast and plains during specific times of the year. Regarding bird species along the coast, you may see the red-capped plover, fairy tern, pacific gull, ruddy turnstone, raptors, and pied and sooty oyster catchers.

The coastal hamlet of Trial Harbour has magnificent beaches, fishing and spectacular views from the surrounding hills. There are no shops or facilities. Granville is a small fishing and holiday community, although as with Trial Harbour, there are no shops or facilities.


Trial Harbour is a small anchorage on the northwest Coast of Tasmania. It was an exposed and particularly vulnerable anchorage susceptible to the prevailing local weather of the Roaring Forties. Named after the cutter Trial, which first anchored there in 1881, the harbour was utilised for a short while during the establishment of the early mining communities of Zeehan, and Queenstown, prior to the establishment of the settlements and facilities at Strahan and Regatta Point.

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MUST READ: You are strongly encouraged to read the following articles prepared by the knowledge experts at ExplorOz for your safety and preparation before undertaking any published ExplorOz Trek - Outback Safety, Outback Driving Tips, Outback Communications, and Vehicle Setup for the Outback.


Please refer to Road Reports published by the local shire and/or main roads for the area you intend to visit. Road/Track conditions can change significantly after weather events. Travellers must be responsible for their own research on current conditions and track suitability.
Only the most experiences 4WDrivers should attempt the Climes Track since there are many sections; which are rocky, and rough due to erosion. Access along the track may become difficult due to the lack of maintenance. You should travel in a convoy of two or more vehicles in case you run into problems. The bridge over Granite Creek is still down; however there is a bypass track that may be used. Do not attempt this track in the wet season, especially when it’s been raining recently. Flooded sections can make the rocks slippery to negotiate.

Adequate fuel and food supplies should be carried as well warm clothes and good footwear if you are planning to get out of the vehicle. Ensure you have good recovery gear, communications equipment such as HF Radio, Satellite Phone, and a PLB. Navigation equipment such as a GPS and laptop may also come in handy.


No permits are required to travel on the Climes Track, although you should seek updated information on bridges and track conditions from local rangers or the Parks and Wildlife Services at Strahan.

Strahan Office

PO Office Box 62
Strahan TAS 7468
Phone: (03) 6472 6020
Fax: (03) 6472 6026

The coastal strip that Climes Track runs through is intended to be developed as a wind farm, where are number of wind towers may be erected. If and when this goes ahead, access routes may be changed and/or restricted.

Fuel Usage

There are no fuel facilities at Granville and Trial Harbour. Nearest fuel supplies are at Zeehan, which is a town around 15kms to the west of Trial Harbour.
4cyl 3 litres4cyl 4 litres4cyl 5 litres
6cyl 4 litres6cyl 4 litres6cyl 4 litres
8cyl 4 litres8cyl 4 litres
Usage is averaged from recorded data (* specific to this trek) and calculated based on trek distance.

Best Time To Visit

Do not travel in the colder months. The coast can get considerably cold, wet and wild, flooding tracks and creating dangerous conditions.

Closest Climatic Station

Strahan Aerodrome
Distance from Trek Mid Point 35.33km SE
Mean Max. °C20.721.119.416.714.212.612.213.114.316.117.919.7
Mean Min. °C10.710.
Mean Rain mm85.863.8103.6114.1144.3152.1170.5173.8156.3117.595.693.9
    Best time to travel      Ok time to travel      Travel NOT recommended


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Granville Harbour to Granville Harbour Rd & Tk to Donnellys Lookout
Driving: 1.86 km
Heading: 109°
Avg Speed: 38.31 km/hr
EST Time: 02:54
Granville Harbour Rd & Tk to Donnellys Lookout to Shack near Granville Harbour Rd
Driving: 1.32 km
Heading: 155°
Avg Speed: 31.21 km/hr
EST Time: 02:32
Shack near Granville Harbour Rd to Granville Harbour Rd & Climes Track
Driving: 0.15 km
Heading: 139°
Avg Speed: 27.34 km/hr
EST Time: 00:19
Granville Harbour Rd & Climes Track to Tasman River, Climes Track
Driving: 1.65 km
Heading: 159°
Avg Speed: 36.99 km/hr
EST Time: 02:40
Tasman River, Climes Track to Climes Track, Mount Heemskirk Regional Reserve Boundary
Driving: 1.76 km
Heading: 166°
Avg Speed: 14.67 km/hr
EST Time: 07:11
Climes Track, Mount Heemskirk Regional Reserve Boundary to St Clair Creek, Climes Track
Driving: 3.75 km
Heading: 136°
Avg Speed: 17.27 km/hr
EST Time: 13:01
St Clair Creek, Climes Track to Granite Creek Crossing
Driving: 1.75 km
Heading: 138°
Avg Speed: 15.46 km/hr
EST Time: 06:47
Granite Creek Crossing to Climes Track, Mount Heemskirk Regional Reserve Boundary
Driving: 8.38 km
Heading: 121°
Avg Speed: 15.2 km/hr
EST Time: 33:04
Climes Track, Mount Heemskirk Regional Reserve Boundary to Trial Harbour Rd & Climes Tk
Driving: 1.32 km
Heading: 157°
Avg Speed: 19.87 km/hr
EST Time: 03:59
Trial Harbour Rd & Climes Tk to Trial Harbour Camping Area
Driving: 2.8 km
Heading: 206°
Avg Speed: 28.58 km/hr
EST Time: 05:52
Trial Harbour Camping Area to Trial Harbour
Driving: 0.06 km
Heading: 220°
Avg Speed: 11.93 km/hr
EST Time: N/A
Distance is based on the travel mode shown (Driving, Straight, Cycling, Walking etc), Direction is straight line from start to end, Avg Speed & EST Time is calculated from GPS data.

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