Strahan to Wynyard via Murchison Hwy

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DifficultyDifficulty 1/5
Suitable for4WD AWD 2WD Caravan Camper Motorhome Bike 
Distance200.73 km
Minimum Days2
Average Speed55.82 km/hr
Driving Time3 hrs 35 mins
Page Updated: 22 Jul 2008


For history buffs and nature enthusiasts who enjoy old settlements amid diverse natural landscapes, this highway trek has plenty. Upon leaving the picturesque waterside village of Strahan, there are opportunities to view the Henty Dunes in the distance towards the coast. The Henty Road eventually takes you to the historic mining town of Zeehan. When heading towards Rosebery, there are some hazardous sections which can be affected by cold and wet weather so take care.

Soon you will arrive at Tullah which is a former mining town on the shores of Lake Rosebery and surrounded by majestic forests and mountains. The lakes around Tullah were formed after damming for hydroelectric schemes and are now well-stocked with brown and rainbow trout (a fishing license is required to fish for them).

One of the natural highlights of the trip is driving through Hellyer Gorge State Reserve, which is a mountainous and heavily forested area, and one of the most impressive sections of the Murchison Highway. Where the highway approaches and crosses the Hellyer River, spectacular views of the gorge and forest exist. Hellyer Gorge is a popular tranquil spot, featuring a nice picnic spot and interpretive walks along the river.

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The Murchison Highway provides an enjoyable winding route through spectacular cool forests along much of its length. There are some magnificent mountain views, valleys of beautiful Blackwood and Myrtle forests and rows of both natural and planted eucalypt plantations. Some of the fauna that you may see on your journey include: Forester kangaroos, Tasmanian echidnas, wombats and Bennett's wallabies.

There are sections with steep terrain mainly in the central west, which gives way to flatter less winding sections as the route proceeds to the north. The route is characterised by mining towns such as Zeehan and Rosebery in the southwest, forest plantations in the southwest and central sections, and open farmlands in the north.


Construction on the Murchison Highway began in 1962 and finished in 1964. Prior to the construction, most transport from the west coast to the north was done via rail on the Emu Bay Railway or ship from Strahan/Regatta Point in Macquarie Harbour. The Murchison Highway which lies between Rayna (near Zeehan) and Somerset (on the north coast), totals 135kms and ranges from 12m to 708m above sea level.

The old mining town of Zeehan was founded in 1882 with the discovery of silver lead. This town which was dubbed the 'Silver City of the West' was once the third largest settlement in Tasmania with a population of 10,000 - today it is around a tenth of that size.

Rosebery is a mining town nestled 145m above sea level in the hills. In 1893, Thomas McDonald discovered alluvial gold along with boulders of lead and zinc sulphide in a creek on the southern slopes of Mount Black. Today, the town’s economy thrives primarily from mining zinc concentrate, and secondary to lead, copper and gold.


Since there is fuel available at the major towns en route such as Zeehan and Tullah, please ensure you have adequate fuel supplies between stops. Also make sure you are comfortably stocked with food and water for the three and a half hour journey. During the winter months it can get very cold (near zero degrees) so if travelling during this time, it is essential to bring warm clothing. If you are deciding to explore around Hellyer Gorge State Reserve - make sure you bring good hiking shoes.

In some sections, the Murchison Highway is susceptible to ice and snow during winter and roads may be closed. Please keep updated with the latest weather and road conditions from the local shires. Drive safely around the steeper gradients in the mountainous regions. There are some hazardous sections of road around Rosebery and especially at the edge of Mount Black so take extreme care.


This route is on a public highway so no permits are needed for Strahan to Wynyard via Murchison Hwy.

Fuel Supplies & Usage

Fuel Symbol
4cyl 28 litres4cyl 32 litres4cyl 40 litres
6cyl 31 litres6cyl 36 litres6cyl 35 litres
8cyl 31 litres8cyl 33 litres
Usage is averaged from recorded data (* specific to this trek) and calculated based on trek distance.

Best Time To Visit

The warmer summer months are the best time to travel on the Murchison Highway as it can get very cold during the winter months. Some sections of road may also be closed due to ice and snow.

Closest Climatic Station

Mount Read
Distance from Trek Mid Point 30.4km S
Mean Max. °C14.214.311.
Mean Min. °C5.
Mean Rain mm201.1168.6267.4282.8395.7341.1391.5336.3379.2373.2221.4290.8
    Best time to travel      Ok time to travel      Travel NOT recommended

Services & Supplies

The following locations have various services And supplies:Yolla


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LocationsDistanceDirection Time
Strahan to Austral42.18 kmN45 min
Austral to Zeehan3.12 kmN344° 4 min
Zeehan to Murchison Hwy (A10) & Zeehan Hwy (B27)6.09 kmE83° 5 min
Murchison Hwy (A10) & Zeehan Hwy (B27) to Murchison Hwy (A10) & Montezuma Falls Access4.41 kmN20° 3 min
Murchison Hwy (A10) & Montezuma Falls Access to Renison Bell7.05 kmNE29° 8 min
Renison Bell to Murchison Hwy (A10) & Ring River Track1.89 kmE75° 2 min
Murchison Hwy (A10) & Ring River Track to Murchison Hwy (A10) & Montezuma Falls Access (via Walk)7.7 kmE85° 7 min
Murchison Hwy (A10) & Montezuma Falls Access (via Walk) to Rosebery1.75 kmNE30° 2 min
Rosebery to Tullah15.68 kmNE58° 21 min
Tullah to Murchison Hwy (A10) & Cradle Mountain Dev Rd24.92 kmN15° 26 min
Murchison Hwy (A10) & Cradle Mountain Dev Rd to Murchison Hwy (A10) & Emu Bay Line Railway7.68 kmN342° 7 min
Murchison Hwy (A10) & Emu Bay Line Railway to Fingerpost9.53 kmNW333° 15 min
Fingerpost to Parrawe17.69 kmN355° 17 min
Parrawe to Henrietta28.69 kmNE28° 37 min
Henrietta to Yolla3.96 kmNE35° 3 min
Yolla to Upper Mount Hicks4.42 kmN13° 4 min
Upper Mount Hicks to Lower Mount Hicks4.69 kmN19° 4 min
Lower Mount Hicks to Wynyard9.26 kmN347° 9 min
Strahan to Wynyard200.73 km  3 hr 35 min
Distance is GPS recorded driving distance (not straight line), Direction is straight line from start to end, Time is calculated from actual GPS driving data.


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