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Saturday, Jul 04, 2015 at 12:29

Sand Man (SA)

In preparing for an upcoming trip from Adelaide through the Outback, I decided to add a pair of SuperSprings Stabilizers to the Colorado.
The reason for this was merely to give a little bit of help to the standard leaf springs when loading up the vehicle.
I have a dual Battery and a set of Cargo Drawers in the tub and when hooking up the off road Van, end up with about 230kg of tow ball weight. Within specs but with the addition of 40kg of fuel to the front of the Van, would most likely "feel" the extra weight.
So, after reading up on the SuperSprings product, I invested in a set of Medium Duty (450kg rating) and decided to install them myself to save a bit of cash.

The instructions supplied with the kit made installation straight forward and should be within the ability of anybody who considers themselves a "handyman".
Removal of each wheel makes the job easier still and provides easy access.

I measured the wheel arch to ground distance before commencing the installation.
I decided to use the bottom shackle mounting holes as this would leave the suspension less "loaded".
The instructions state the top holes would give a lift, but I have found on measuring the wheel arch to ground distance after the installation, that I have received a 50mm lift using the outermost (bottom) holes in the shackles, having gone from an 850mm measurement to a 900mm one, unloaded. (ie. without the Van attached)
I suspect that over time this may reduce somewhat, but I am not disappointed with a modest lift at a very modest cost.

Time will tell if the addition to the standard suspension will make the investment worthwhile, but it certainly won't harm it either.

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