Salvator Rosa - Carnarvon NP

StartClick to Reverse the Dynamic Map and Driving NotesBunbuncundoo Springs
DifficultyDifficulty 2.5/5
Suitable for4WD 
Distance298.71 km
Minimum Days2
Average Speed48.66 km/hr
Driving Time6 hrs 8 mins
Page Updated: 11 Jun 2008


Salvator Rosa is another remote section of the Carnarvon National Park. Two camping areas, located on either side of the access road, are provided, and are on the banks of the crystal clear water of the spring fed Nogoa River. Although new wheel chair access composting toilet facilities are provided the park remains mainly undeveloped.

The park is mostly eucalypt woodland and open forest but with many spectacular eroded sandstone outcrops and formations. A four wheel drive is needed after leaving the camp grounds, and crossing the river, to follow a sandy track. This track closely follows the river and it’s tributary, Louisa Creek, taking in the many walking and viewing areas such as Spyglass Peak, Belinda and Mitchell springs and the remains of the stock yards left by Major Mitchell, with a total round trip of 18 km’s.

The 400m walk to Spyglass Peak leads past a long stone outcrop that looks like a man made rampart with spy holes and arrow slits. The track leads to the base of the peak, where a 10 meter diameter hole can be seen at its summit, you should allow plenty of time to explore around this area.

Further along the track you come to Belinda Springs with crystal clear water flowing from under a small rock ledge. Together with Mitchell springs, millions of litres of water continuously pour into Louisa Creek. At the end of the track leads to a locked gate, walk beyond this gate past the Mitchell Springs to the remains of Major Mitchell’s yards where he would rest and feed his horses during his expeditions through area.

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Salvator Rosa, at the Western edge of central Queensland’s sandstone belt, contains deeply eroded rock formations. Most of the park is open forest, eucalypt woodland and acacia scrub. In winter to early spring the country is ablaze with flowering acacias and wild flowers.


This area was named by Thomas Mitchell, after the Neapolitan 17th Century artist, Salvator Rosa, who portrayed the same rugged mountainous terrain in his paintings that Mitchell seen in the landscape.
Thomas Mitchell passed and repassed through this area between July and September 1846, in search of a route form Sydney to Port Essington (Darwin). Mitchell set up his base camp at the spring-fed oasis he discovered, which is now known as, Major Mitchell Springs.


You need to be totally self-sufficient. Take sufficient drinking water, food, fuel, and spare parts plus a reserve in case the roads become impassable after rain.

Make sure someone responsible knows where you are going and knows your itinerary. There is no mobile phone coverage and it is quite possible to be the only one in the park. A good first and kit should be part of your camping equipment. The longest distance with no fuel is roughly 135km to Tambo.

Fuel Supplies & Usage

Fuel Symbol
4cyl 42 litres4cyl 48 litres4cyl 60 litres
6cyl 46 litres6cyl 54 litres6cyl 53 litres
8cyl 46 litres8cyl 50 litres
Usage is averaged from recorded data (* specific to this trek) and calculated based on trek distance.

Best Time To Visit

April to September. Winter mornings can be cold and frosty and summer days are extremely hot.

Closest Climatic Station

Tambo Post Office
Distance from Trek Mid Point 59.82km W
Mean Max. °C34.933.832.429.124.921.621.223.527.430.933.234.8
Mean Min. °C20.419.917.512.
Mean Rain mm81.077.558.236.934.428.427.118.721.334.647.070.1
    Best time to travel      Ok time to travel      Travel NOT recommended

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What to See

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Go bird watching around the water courses and springs with herons, finches, honeyeaters and sacred kingfishes. Watch out for the rather cheeky kangaroos and birds around the camp. Climb around the sandstone range near the campsite and explore the many small caves found in the eroded sandstone hills at Major Mitchell’s camp. There are plenty photographic opportunities especially catching sunrise or sunset over the park’s Buffs, and Spires, try to catch the sun setting through Spyglass Peak.

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Where to Stay

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Camping areas are provided on the bank of the Nogoa River. You must be totally self sufficient, bring plenty of food and water with extra supplies in case of being stranded after rain. Take a fuel stove for cooking.

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LocationsDistanceDirection Time
Bunbuncundoo Springs to Buckland Rd & Glentana Rd44.66 kmN20° 55 min
Buckland Rd & Glentana Rd to Dawson Dev Rd & Cungelella Rd48.31 kmW282° 36 min
Dawson Dev Rd & Cungelella Rd to Great Dividing Range Views12.96 kmSW224° 9 min
Great Dividing Range Views to Albeni5.55 kmS188° 5 min
Albeni to Cungelella Rd & Mount Playfair Rd4.96 kmS181° 3 min
Cungelella Rd & Mount Playfair Rd to Cungelella13.99 kmSE123° 10 min
Cungelella to Nogoa Creek Campground15.31 kmS169° 19 min
Nogoa Creek Campground to Spyglass Peak Parking2.48 kmSW213° 6 min
Spyglass Peak Parking to Spyglass Peak0.07 kmE68° N/A
Spyglass Peak to Spyglass Peak Parking0.07 kmW248° N/A
Spyglass Peak Parking to Belinda Spring1.97 kmSE152° 4 min
Belinda Spring to Major Mitchell Springs4.4 kmS197° 19 min
Major Mitchell Springs to Mitchell's Yards0.13 kmS186°
Mitchell's Yards to Major Mitchell Springs0.13 kmN
Major Mitchell Springs to Belinda Spring4.4 kmN17° 19 min
Belinda Spring to Spyglass Peak Parking1.97 kmNW332° 4 min
Spyglass Peak Parking to Nogoa Creek Campground2.48 kmNE33° 6 min
Nogoa Creek Campground to Cungelella15.31 kmN349° 19 min
Cungelella to Cungelella Rd & Mount Playfair Rd13.99 kmNW303° 10 min
Cungelella Rd & Mount Playfair Rd to Mount Playfield Rd & Mount Playfield Access32.75 kmSW218° 33 min
Mount Playfield Rd & Mount Playfield Access to Long Waterhole41.03 kmW255° 31 min
Long Waterhole to Landsborough Hwy & Mount Playfield Rd23.19 kmW275° 15 min
Landsborough Hwy & Mount Playfield Rd to Tambo8.59 kmW282° 6 min
Bunbuncundoo Springs to Tambo298.71 km  6 hr 8 min
Distance is GPS recorded driving distance (not straight line), Direction is straight line from start to end, Time is calculated from actual GPS driving data.


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