EOTopo: EOTopo with Mud Map M7

Friday, Jan 12, 2018 at 08:49


If you want to use EOTopo maps on the Mud Map M7 you will need to use the ECW and .map files. The ECW files are found in the ECW folder on the downloads page and the .map files are found in the OZF folder (there needs to be a corresponding .map file loaded for every ECW file).

You can then copy the files to a folder on an SD card and insert this into the M7 device and configure this new folder as an additional map file path in the CE program (as per CE instructions).

As with OziExplorer CE you will need to transfer all files found in the Name Search folder on the EOTopo downloads page to the Name Search folder found on the M7 device (following the OziExplorer Data file path).
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