EOTrackMe: Instructions for setting up a SPOT device

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 at 18:38


The SPOT Satellite Messenger devices are supported in EOTrackMe via the use of the shared page XML feed system.
The shared page system and XML feed are an available using the Track Progress service available directly from Spot see http://au.findmespot.com/en/index.php?cid=111 and this must be activiated to use your Spot on EOTrackMe.
To set-up your SPOT device to be visible on EOTrackMe do the following (if you have already setup a shared page see note below):
  • Login to your SPOT account
  • Click on the Share tab
  • Click the "Create Shared Page" option

  • Name the page something like SPOT XML Interface
  • Select the messenger (i.e. SPOT device) for the shared page. If you only have one, it will be selected automatically. If you have more than one device, you must select the device for which you're creating a feed to EOTrackMe. Do not select multiple devices! If you have more than one device, you will need to create a separate shared page for each device
  • Check all message types to share on this page. If you're creating a shared page for a Generation I device, you will see three message types - Check-in, Help and Track. If you're creating a shared page for a Generation II device, you will see a fourth message type - Custom. Be sure and check all message types
  • In the Share GPS locations from the last list, select an appropriate number of days. 7 days is the recommended value but it's totally up to you
  • This is important... For the Share message detail setting, please select Yes. This allows EOTrackMe to pull the custom message text that you've set-up for Ok, Help and Custom messages
  • Password protection is not currently supported. Ensure the page is public
  • Click the Create Now! button

  • A new window will appear with the URL for your SPOT shared page, highlight the entire URL by holding down the left mouse button and dragging over the URL, then right-click the highlighted area and select the copy option
  • The next step is to be completed on ExplorOz (see next step below)

NOTE: If you already have a SPOT Shared Page all you need to do is login to your account, and click on the Edit/Manage Shared Page link. Right click on the name of the Shared Page you want to submit to EOTrackMe, then select the "copy link location"/"copy shortcut"/"copy link address" option (option is different depending on browser), then follow the below instructions.
  • Make sure you are currently logged in to your member account (to determine this click on the "My Home" tab at the top of this page and look under the My Account Stats box). Once you have determined that you are logged in, come back to this section then click this link: Register SPOT Device
  • In the window that appears you'll need to enter the URL that you copied by right clicking in the text box and selecting the past option, the URL will appear in the text box, you can then press Save
  • The SPOT device is now loaded into your account, go to your Members Public Profile page or the My Tracking tab on the EOTrackMe page to customise the set-up (including Device Name and Security Options).
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