Site Updates: 24th-30th Jan

Wednesday, Jan 30, 2013 at 20:41


Members Profile: When viewing a members profile not your own the map was not showing the correct users places and user routes. It was trying to show your own. This has been corrected to show the correct data when on a member public profile

User Route Uploads seemed to have been failing, during last week's Wednesday update this appears to now be resolved and user route uploads are again working as expected.

ASP Code disconnected, there is now no access to the older .asp code on the system any more the old libraries have been flagged for deletion and move from production. Only original dbmaint system is still using asp.

Shop Search was causing a display problem in Internet Explorer if you used a multi word search string (Thanks Phil for persisting with tell us about this one). This has now been resolved and the same update implemented in Places, Classifieds and Events.

Places moved to separate web application and adjustments made to support this. Re-write and now support pre compile. This caused major issues over the long weekend and places was shutdown to be investigated and as returned to service on Tuesday night after a full re-write and code check. Coupled with updates to all base classes to ensure memory clean-up.

Header pic rotation adjusted to change pictures on the hour instead of on the day. New submission from Member John & Val brings the header library up to 37 images.
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