Advertising: What are the Terms of Advertising - is there a contract?

Tuesday, Oct 14, 2008 at 19:02


Almost all advertising bookings are customised to suit you. You have the choice of either 3mth or 12 month contracts for Directory listings (in the initial Business Membership agreement), which is generally paid for at the time of booking via the online shop.

If you have consulted with an Account Manager to procure additional advertising placements (Page sponsoring, Leaderboards, Islands etc), then you will qualify for a payment plan to allow you to pay for your advertising across an agreed time period. In this case you will need to sign an agreement. As part of the quote process you will be sent a Booking Schedule (confirming the cost of the placements you have requested) and an Insertion Order, which contains a full set of the Advertising Terms and Conditions applicable to that particular booking. When you sign an Insertion Order you agree to be bounded by the terms outlined within that agreement so please check carefully especially in relation to our policy for cancellations, which on a 12 month booking typically requires 60 days notice.
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