Visitors: How do I use the site both from home and work?

Friday, Oct 03, 2008 at 13:49


There are few options.
  • If you only need to "view" the site from another computer, there is no need to be logged on with a Registered Profile.

  • If you wish to use the interactive features from different computers, you can setup your Profile to always auto-logon at one (this is achieved by ticking the ‘Auto Logon’ checkbox), and when using the other computer you can manually logon. This enables you to keep the one Registered Profile, however system emails can only go to one (1) nominated email account.

  • If you need to split your usage across 2 different email accounts and want to control them differently then you will need to setup 2 different Profiles and customise each one with your preferences. eg. only receive newsletters to one Profile.
Note - you can have multiple Visitor Profiles, but only 1 Member Profile. Members may like to also have Visitor Profiles. Advertisers (Customers) may also have a Member Profile and/or Visitor Profiles. Managing multiple profiles is only recommended for people with a good degree of computer competence.
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