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Friday, Oct 03, 2008 at 13:08


Do I have to register to use this site?

No registration is required to view site pages.

Why should I Register?

Registration is required to enable you to use the interactive features that make ExplorOz so unique, and is free. When you "Register", you will be given a Profile for using the site which means you will have a LogOn identity. This makes using the site very user friendly and enables you to customise how you'd like to use our services.

Once you are registered you should always use your logon identity when visiting the site - this will enable you to post in the Forum, download/upload plot and waypoint files from PointPlace, provide updates to various sections of the site, enter feedback to articles and Trek Notes and perform other upload/download functions in all the interactive areas of the ExplorOz website (eg. Road Conditions, Trek Fuel). All these functions are unavailable to unregistered users.
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