ExplorOz Traveller: Using Bad Elf (External GPS) with iOS devices

Thursday, Feb 08, 2018 at 11:36


If you are using the Bad Elf GPS system with your iPad or iOS device there is a setting that needs to be adjusted in the App. To make the settings go to the HOME SCREEN and select - ADVANCED in the settings & about section. Then open up the Geolocation Settings area and select the pausesLocationUpdatesAutomatically and make this setting False by touching the word false.

This will effectively turn off the automatic detection of your device not moving. This detection setting is used to improve battery life as when the app detects that you have stopped moving the GPS drivers are shutdown and the device polls and monitors your movement and enables the GPS again should it detect movement. With this setting changed to False we are effectively turning off this detection option as it is not supported with external GPS units connected to the iOS devices.
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