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Friday, Apr 23, 2010 at 20:55


ExplorOz Tracker is a service for travellers that once configured, automatically receives position data from moving GPS devices via an internet (or satellite) connection and displays this onto a map stored on the ExplorOz website (in your Member Profile).

When out of service, your device will store position data periodically and only send to the EOTrackMe server when a connection is restored, enabling your tracking map to "catch up".

The ExplorOz Tracker service has various settings to provide you with privacy protection, and can be utilised with almost any smartphone, tablet, computer or satellite device (such as SPOT).

Why use this tracking service?

Tracking the movement of a device can be useful for many reasons. Peace of mind knowing you are being tracked (and therefore can be found if lost), providing an instant way for the family to keep in touch with your progress, and to create a visual route on a map as a keepsake of your adventure.

During your travels, you can choose to allow your tracking to be shown on the ExplorOz Tracker group mapping page or you can keep your tracking private. If you'd like your tracking to be viewed by only a select few people (such as family/friends) then you can lock your current tracking so that it requires a password to view. You can also embed your tracking map to another website you manage (via inserting code into your website). This features works with WordPress sites (but not the free ones).

Managing your Tracking

Once you have ExplorOz Tracker configured, you can start/stop/clear/save your tracking logs as required. If you save a tracking log, you will be prompted to name your route and this will be reformatted to a GPS file format and stored as a User Trek in your profile and in the public User Treks list. This data can then be useful to others wishing to search the site for treks by name (so split your trip up into logical segments and save by track or region name). You can also add your User Trek map as an image into your blogs.

Device Tracking

Within your Member Profile you can add up to five (5) tracking devices. Each device has its own individual map display, which you can name to help identify the unit. See the list of supported devices below.
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