Settings for uTrackMe Version 3 (iPhone & iPad)

Monday, Apr 12, 2010 at 13:01


uTrackMe is one of the supported EOTrackMe phone interface products this program is used for the iPhone implementation, this product supports full store and forward of data (provided the app is not closed) so will keep track of you even when a data service is not available (all positions will be transmitted when service is restored).

You can download uTrackMe from the iTunes App store.

Once you have this product installed the set-up is currently as follows:

Name: Mxxxx - your member number no leading zero eg: M1234
Map Type: Map (you can choose what you like)
Units: Metric
Center On: Person

Username: [blank]
Password: [blank]
Update Every: 120 ***
Publish Entire Track: On

Distance Filter: 250 **
Time Filter: 2

* We are testing the Advanced Settings options to determine the best settings for battery life vs map and positional accuracy. The settings provided have been fully tested and are currently recommended.

** Approximate data usage each packet is not huge however if you travel 200km with a 5m "Distance Filter" you will be sending 40,000 position reports each being around 700bytes totalling approx 28Mb, if this is reduced to 50m you would be sending in 2.8Mb and at 500m only 280Kb. So the 200-250m number is the most suitable as it will produce a good mapping result and keep the data usage at reasonable level.

*** Update Every can be set this as required - this will effect how ofter your device sends the data to the server. It does not effect how often you record points as all unsent data will be transmitted to the server during each connection. We have tested 30 to 600 seconds and all work well - if you sent it much higher you just need to ensure that you do not close the application before the timeout period as you will lose data. So a setting of 120 is a very good compromise.

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