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Wednesday, Apr 10, 2013 at 19:27


EOTrackMe: A whole new management system has been installed. If you have tracking enabled when you visit the EOTrackMe page you will now see a tab called My Tracking (this is the same as the EOTrackMe tab on your public profile). On this tab you will now see your active tracking, device management and geofence configurations.

EOTrackMe Device Passwords: You can now setup device security so that ONLY people with your defined password will be able to see your tracking. On the EOTrackMe page (and in your public profile) your device will be shown with a padlock icon and a password field. So you can now block access to your tracking information using this function and provide the password to anyone who you wish to view your tracking. This new password system does not require user registration or any other form of setup. You setup a password and give it to people and that is it. To setup a password use the new management page (as above) click on Edit Device and enter a password. (Of course if you are logged on you will not need to enter a password, so if you want to test it - logoff and see what happens).

EOTrackMe Android: The product is ready for the first release and will be detailed in this week's newsletter due to be sent on Thursday night. It is being released via direct download at this stage with Google Play to happen in a few weeks after any release issues are resolved.

EOTrackMe Client Programs: We now have developed two client programs being EOTrackMe Windows and EOTrackMe Android - there is a new licensing model being setup at the moment and each product will cost $5 for a per member license. This license will allow you to load as many same (Windows or Android) clients to your profile as you wish without additional cost. So if you have 3 Android devices in your family you can track all of them for a once off $5 cost (you must have a current Membership account), couple this with device security and there is no reason not to keep track of your kids, pets or anything else that takes you fancy.
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