Site Updates: Facebook, EOTrackMe, Feedback, Downloading data and Thanks

Monday, Apr 29, 2013 at 12:58


Facebook Auth: The redirect from Facebook Auth was in some cases taking the wrong return path statements and thus possibly return to the wrong location. This has been fixed in the BasePage class.

EOTrackMe Home Page: Added Reviews panel from feedback system.

Feedback System: changed the title of the Reviews to Reviews & Discussions

Map Data Downloads: There was an issue with downloading route files this included tracking. This was a new problem that got loaded during the treks conversion on the mobile system. I have now corrected this. Additionally I have move the download system to a different server to ensure the large plot/route file downloads do not impact the production system.

Forum thanks & Chrome: There was a data type problem with the AJAX data that was returned from the server and Google Chrome did not like it at al so the Thanks hover elements were not working. This is now resolved.

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